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Xbox Keeps Shutting Off

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I've had this xbox a couple months now and I've had several over the last few years but this is the first time my xbox has ever acted up like this. It keeps shutting off over and over, now I've read the other threads for stuff like this and I've done everything, my power supply has a bright green light and it's in a well ventilated area. I keep hearing sounds like it's turning off from it every 5 minutes or so and when it first started doing this I thought it might've been the app Netflix since my mom's kept braking when she was using netflix a lot and I deleted netflix off of mine twice and both times it stopped turning off but I need to know what's going on with this xbox. I don't have a warranty because I traded a PS3 for this xbox :( 

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    Ne0nAbyss hey there :)


    If you check THIS guide out, it will explain what the causes are for consoles that unexpectedly shut down, as well as how to try and resolve it. However, it does sound as though you need to send your console in for a paid repair, sorry. You can request a repair using the service center, HERE. Be sure to double check that you have followed everything through, in the above guide before requesting a repair. Just to be sure.


    I hope this helps.

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