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Transferring Data from XBOX 120G Elite to XBOX 250G s

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Is it possible to connect both consoles via a usb to usb cable to transfer the data (game saves etc)?

I do not want to purchase the data transfer cable as it is only a 'one time' use and for £15-£20 it is rather an expensive buy. Surely, as both consoles have a usb port, they could be connected together using a usb to usb cable and transferring the data this way. I don't have an adequate flash drive to transfer the data to or an external hard drive either.

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    If you do not want to purchase a transfer cable then you will need to use a correctly formatted USB flash-drive to move your game saves and profile over to the new console, then use your download history to re-download everything over. (You will also need to transfer your licences using the DRM tool).

    But these are the only options available that I know of so you would either have to buy a large enough flash-drive or a transfer cable to move your data. .

    Hope this covers everything for you, the various links should have all the info you need. But if there is anything else ask away :).

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    So it is impossible to connect both consoles using a usb to usb cable :-( I have looked all over the net but haven't found any references to be able to do this (although in theory it should/could be possible)

    I ended up borrowing my mates external hard drive. I had to copy all of his stuff onto my PC before I formatted it, copied everything onto it, downloaded all to new Xbox, reformatted it and finally transferred all of his stuff back onto it!! It would be so much simpler if you could just link 2 xboxes together!!!!

    Thanks for your advice :-)

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    Your welcome :).

    Glad to hear you managed to move everything over OK, sounds like it took a little time though.
    I have never seen anything about moving data over using a usb to usb cable, either on the support page or anywhere else so I would hazard a guess and say its not possible, but I agree it would be easier (and cheaper).