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Why do i have to have a hard drive to play xbox games on my 360?

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My kids bought a reg xbox game and it says i need a 129 dollar hard drive y? is that or iam i doing something wrong?

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    Hey Drakes.
    If its an xbox original game you do need an official MS HDD for it to work on your 360.

    It also needs to be on this list or it wont work on the 360 even with a HDD.

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    The hard drive is required because of the emulation software included on it to run the game.

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    There's also the fact that the original Xbox consoles all had hard disk drives, so the unseen caching area might be important there, too.

    (By the time in 2010 when "USB support" allowed usage of USB flash drives that were a lot larger than the original Memory Units, Microsoft had also already announced the impending shut-off of Xbox Live for original Xbox titles, and the Backwards Compatibility list hadn't been updated in ~2.5 years.)