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How do I change my age so I can play Battlefield 3?

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When I set up my account I must've put the wrong age in cause when I try to play online it says Player To Young?????????????????/

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  • You've got to be 13+ before you're allowed on EA's servers and you can't change your age once it's been set.

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    im 13 and it wont let me play either

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    Battlefield 3 is rated 16 here in the UK so maybe EA follow the ratings and block players under the age rating for the game.

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    3P1C, did you set your age correctly? That 13 should be the only restriction from EAs side for as far as I know. The ratings shouldn't affect any game at all for they are merely recommendations and for the game stores so they don't sell the game to too young people.

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    When I set up my account I must've put the wrong age in cause when I try to play online it says Player To Young?????????????????/

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    Once an account is created the age can not be changed. You will have to wait until the account age reaches the appropriate age for restricted games.

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    As Temhotabot said you will have to wait but there is one more option no one has mentioned that's worth trying.   Contact EA about this problem you will need to create an EA account in order to have a live chat with EA staff its worth a try just explain your problem they should understand   Good luck Hope your problem gets solved!

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    You can create an EA account on the EA website and link your gamertag onto that account make sure your EA account is older than 18 and then try it from there. I did it to play BFBC2 back when it was new.

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    just wondering does you xbox live age increase with your birthdate?

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    yes but only by what age you set it

    ea requires you to be 18 for m rated games

    the birthdate of the ea account must match yout xbox account or ea will say incorrect birthdate


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    i went 13 on the 10th of july 2014 and i still cant play [Mod Removed] some help ;( !!!!!!???

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    It is really not possible to change the age? I am 32 years old and I must have also set my birthdate wrong. Xbox says that I am 8... I would like to have my correct age.

    I cannot believe, that it is not possible to change!

    Please to help!

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    It's always best to start your own thread instead of bumping old ones.

    No,there is no way to change the age on a account once it's been set.

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