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Original Xbox game on the playable list not working.

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In your "Support menu" under "Games", it states that "Hunter The Reckoning (2)" is playable on the "New" 360. But "Hunter The Reckoning Redeemer" which is the second game of the series will not play on the New 360. How do I go about getting this Fixed?

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    If it's not backwards compatible there's nothing you can do to make it work. They stopped adding games to the list in 2007 and all support for original games ended in 2010.

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    The game is on the playable list! But the damn thing won't play! if it's on the list, you should be able to play it and if you can't they need to take it off the list!

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    it is just the way it is some games play and some sequels in your case of reedemer is not on that list and will not play there is no fix, the only way to play the games not on that list is to play them on an old xbox.

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    Yeah, the sequel is not on the list. Only the first game is.