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Please implement some kind system for not swapping discs...

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If we have the game installed... I am all for protecting against game sharing between people, but can you implement some kind of system to remove the need for this?

A system where you can't launch the game from subsequent discs for example, only disc one can launch the game and therefore the risk of people lending other discs to people is removed...

It is just getting frustrating on Mass Effect 3 right now because I was literally two hours in and I already had to swap discs for a side mission, and then when I went back to the main quest I had to change my disc again... It is just frustrating and completely dampens my play experience...



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  • Sadly this is due to the amount of content the standard xbox 360 game disk holds. I doubt we'll see anything like what you're describing until the next generation of console which will hopefully use a disk with more space to accommodate games like ME3.

    Maybe put your suggestions in the wishlist/feedback forum.

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    I understand why there need to be multiple discs... What I am saying is I don't understand why I still have to swap discs when I install the game since they could easily implement a system to protect against game sharing with almost no effort, thus eliminating the need to verify each disc before loading the content...

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    Installing just keeps a copy of the game on the HDD in case your game breaks.

    Like Bowski said above, we probably won't see that until the next gen console.

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    Installing just keeps a copy of the game on the HDD in case your game breaks.

    Like Bowski said above, we probably won't see that until the next gen console.

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    They also have to consider those folk who don't have a hard drive in the console.

    Mass Effect 3 - MEHEM and Extended Anderson Conversation:

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    Regardless of how much content the Xbox 360 discs hold or whether the HDD copy is just a disc image, having the image on the hard drive should enable the Xbox to read the content from the disc image on HDD rather than from the optical disc.

    In fact, I know it reads it from the HDD when I'm playing because the optical drive spins up briefly when you insert the disc, then stops and doesn't spin up again until you swap discs, presumably to verify that you have the other disc.  If it didn't read the game data from the hard drive, what would be the point of installing it to the hard drive in the first place?

    Any in case you think that the HDD copy is just "in case your game breaks", what good will that do you when you go to launch the game from your HDD and are presented with a "Please insert disc X" dialog as soon as you load up a game?

    Lastly, for the people without hard drives, this is a moot discussion because they have no choice but to swap discs.

    For those of us *with* hard drives who have installed *both* discs onto the hard drive, it's immensely frustrating to have to swap discs over and over again when it doesn't actually need to read the data off the disc.  I understand the need to verify you have *a* game disc when you start the game, but making you pop in whichever disc the current mission is on just so the Xbox can verify you have that particular disc, then go on to read the data from the hard drive is just asinine.

    If they really, really wanted to make sure you have both discs, they should make you insert both in sequence when you load up your game and then toggle a flag in memory indicating "yes, he has both discs" and let you continue your play session without ever swapping another disc.

    Please, please, for the love of the gods, patch ME3 so I don't have to get up every half an hour to switch discs when all the data is already spinning on little magnetic platters inside my Xbox!  If this sort of thing continues, I will have to avoid ever buying multi-disc games for the Xbox ever again.  PC gaming was never this much of a PITA, and when it is, it's easy enough to work around the DRM bullshit.

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    But if I were to say... rent all the Resident Evil games, Silent Hill, Halo and CoD Games for about $1 each.

    Thats about the RRP of a normal game.

    So if I could simply install all of those, I could then give them on to friends to install.

    How much money would be lost by companies, and how stupid would that be of Microsoft!!?

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    The point of this thread is games that come with multiple discs; ie Mass Effect 3. This has nothing to do with renting/buying the series of Halos or CoD games, because none of those games are packaged together with multiple discs to play ONE game.

    I'm sure they can figure a method out to tie the discs together, so you can run just ONE of the discs, and be able to play game in its entirety, it should be as simple as: Checking to see if disc 2 is installed on HDD, if so, play it, if not, prompt for user to insert disc 2 like normal. The only reason you have to swap discs, is so it can read the content. If the content is already present; ie installed on HDD, what's the point?. Obviously whomever is playing disc 1 of Mass Effect 3, obviously bought it, because..they wouldn't have disc 1 in the first place. The ONLY reason there are more than 1 discs is JUST because it can't fit on a disc, so the DRM argument is invalid. There is still DRM protection in the first place, to initially run game via the first disc.

    It should only need to verify the first disc, to play the game IF both discs are installed to the HDD.