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Unknown Profile - How to Recover Data?

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I've been searching for an answer to the "Unknown Profile" problem for the last 30 minutes and have yet to find a solution.


While in the process of moving most of my data from an old hard drive to a new one, I came across several game saves with the "Unknown Profile" monkier attached to them.  I can't copy or move or do anything with these game saves- even though a message pops up saying that "if you move this data you will become the new owner of it."


I have two Xboxs, and we frequently move our profiles from one to another via Memory Units.  I ABSOLUTELY know for a fact that the Unknown Profile listed in all of these Game Saves is MY profile, no doubt about it.  So, is there a fix for this problem or is this another Microsoft Snafu regulated to the "We Ignore THAT Particular Issue" File?

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    Hello SnuggBugg! I am sorry to hear about this frustrating issue! Have you recently changed your Gamertag? That might explain the "Unknown Profile" issue, but I'd like to know if that is what is at play here first. :)

    The message you mention is the standard message for game saves, as some of those items are able to be transferred. However, this is up to the publisher in deciding whether to allow this functionality or not, and if the game saves are unable to be copied or moved, then that likely means the publisher of that title has not allowed it.

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I have the same problem with some of my game saves and I think it is because I changed my gamer tag I never really cared for the problem until I got resident evil 5 back and I wanted to use my previous data but it says unknown profile. Help fixing this would be much appreciated.