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my xbox wont read any disc please help

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i have tried what your fourum has said but nothing i cant play any game and this is annoying i really want to please help!!!

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  • Sorry but if you have tried all the solutions on offer it would appear you need to arrange a repair, you can do this online at the following link.

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    You may also want to call xbox support to create a service repair if required.  You can call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and follow the prompts to talk directly to support.

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    Something to note is that if the warranty is out on your console it will cost a little more to arrange a repair with customer support on the phone than it does to arrange it yourself online.

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    i have tried what your fourum has said but nothing i cant play any game and this is annoying i really want to please help!!!

     From my knowledge it may be a disc drive fault and you will need the disc drive fixed or replaced and as many others have said it can be done from the repair site. If you are in warranty its totally free :) and if your not in warranty it will cost.  Please visit that link and you will be fine :) also before you do any of that double check to make sure that the CD is in the correct region. Please can you take this solution test it will identify what's wrong with your console and it will tell you if it needs a repair or if it can be fixed manually it will take about 3 minutes to complete.  Good Luck 

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    I have had the same problem today since i installed the latest system update on xbox live. I have a new xbox (just over a year old) never had any problems. All my discs are looks after religiously. I was playing mw3 last night with no issues. I came home from work today about 5ish went to jump online and was prompted to download the new system update for my console. I did this and all of a sudden it would not recognize my disc. I have tried all of my games and none of them now work (even though i have played at least 4 of them in the last few days). It does not appear to be a problem with the laser as cds and dvds still play fine. I remember reading something about this last year when they updated the system to deal with piracy issues and a small minority of consoles had problems recognising games. Im hoping that is what it is as i'll be damned if im paying to repair it as i have seen at least 5 other posts tonight in forums from people who have exactly the same problem.

    You're not alone cloud. I will be chasing this up tomorrow but it is definately worth a call before you send it off to be repaired to make sure this isn't an error on Microsoft's part. As it def happened last year after a system update. It was i stress just a minority of consoles but this certainly fits the profile

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    thanks for the post, I have got the same problem. Anyone else know what we do now....Anyone from microsoft listening?