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XBox Halo 2 will not play on XBox 360

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I purchased a halo 2 game online thinking it was for the XBox 360.  It is for the original XBox.  The "" states that it is an original XBox game that should play on the XBox 360.  It does not on my machine.

I made sure that Halo 2 is compatible = yes.

It is North American version = NTSC with the proper Microsoft Label.

I made sure my XBox has the latest (June 20, 2012) update.

The XBox sees the disk because the "home screen" shows "Play Halo 2".

When selected the screen goes blank and about 15 seconds later comes up with "unable to play game.  Redownload game."

I have replaced the 20gb original hard drive with a 250GB 7200rpm drive and synced via transfer cable.

I make sure I am NOT signed into my profile on XBox LIve.

All my other games work just fine. Including the ones downloaded from the marketplace and reside only on the hard drive. 

I only have the one original XBox game of Halo 2 so I cannot try a different original XBox game to see if that will work.


I am out of ideas.  Please assist.

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  • Is the hard drive you replaced it with an official MS Xbox Hard Drive?  If it is not then the drive is missing a partition 2 that contains the emulator to run Xbox Original titles.

  • No. You have to have an official MS hard drive attached directly to the console (through USB will not work).

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    I am too having this issue. I have tried everything I can. I have tried with three of the Original Xbox games and none seem to work. Fable the Lost Chapters, Halo 2, and The Elder Scrolls Morrowind. And I just read something about how if its the 4GB Xbox Slim, it will not work. Well, I have that and I also have a 120GB HD. It's driving me nuts. And used to be able to play them on the 360's. And I too have gotten the recent Xbox Live Update. But it feels like they completely stopped letting us play the old one's. So please Microsoft, fix this issue. Not all of us have the money to go out and buy points every time you decide to disable the old game's. I have already bought the game, least you can do is allow us to continue to play them. So please, please, please create an update that will allow us to play our old game's still.

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    Is there a way to recreate the second partition and load the emulator into it?

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    I still have the original 20gb HD Drive.  Can this be attached to the XBox 360 via USB to allow it to be used as the emulating HDD partition?

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    If you follow step one on this page it will hopefully solve your problem.

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  • No. You have to have an official MS hard drive attached directly to the console (through USB will not work).

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    Irish Elf
    And I just read something about how if its the 4GB Xbox Slim, it will not work. Well, I have that and I also have a 120GB HD.

    There was no Microsoft 120 GB HDD for the 360S consoles; they started with 250 GB and are now available in 320 GB. You'll be able to play original Xbox games on a 4GB 360S console if you add an official Microsoft HDD in 250 GB or 320 GB. (It's always been the case that only official Microsoft HDDs enabled backward compatibility, for the games on BC list.)

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    you have to buy it from the store it will say on it can play on Xbox 360

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    There have been alot of issues with original Xbox games playing on the new slim. Best solution is to make sure you have an official Xbox had at least 250g

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    Hey KaRmaGoNeRoguE,

    We appreciate your enthusiasm, but this thread is pretty old, and the solution has been stated more than once.  Keep an eye on the date of posts that you are trying to help with.


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    dude my Halo 2 never worked on my xbox 360 and then one day I tried it and just out of the blue it worked so keep trying it I guess sorry I do not have a better answer

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    You need an official Microsoft hard drive as they are hard coded to play originals.

    Have you followed all of the following

    In addition please follow the link to see which original Xbox games can be played

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    I Have an official MS HDD and Halo 2 still doesn't work. It just crashes to the main menu every time I try and start a game. Got a brand new copy from ebay, tried in another 360, and got the same result. It's just a buggy mess while trying to play on a 360. MS dropped support for this title as soon as Halo 3 came out and never looked back. That is until they release Halo 2 AE for $30, then and only then will you be able to play this game again. You can try Vista, or at least you can try.

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    try the update patch, although this should be on the Slim models from factory.

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    I figured it out. I had to unplug the 360 from the internet and play offline. I assume because the game is not supported for Live that there might be an issue while trying to load a game. It worked for my problem anyway. Still need to update the game though.