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Unable to play original Xbox games on 360 slim 4GB with hdd

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I just spent 90 minutes on the phone with Xbox support and am still unable to play any of the 7 original games on my system.

The support rep and I went through all the steps listed in this thread ( Their conclusion is that the 4GB slim has different BC games than the original Xbox. I also have an original Xbox 360 and was able to play 2 of the games (Fable and KOROT 2: The Sith Lords) on my other Xbox with no problems.

I tried to install the game on the hdd but was not given the option. The hdd did not come with the system, I bought it on Amazon and the Xbox rep guarantees the hdd is an official MS drive (because otherwise the update that we tried would not have worked).

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

What game are you trying to play?
Fable, Godzilla: Save the Earth, Star Wars KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Star Wars: Obi-Wan, Mercenaries 

Is it a disc or downloaded version?
All the games are on disc 

What type of console are you using? 
Xbox 360 Slim 4GB

What size HDD are you using?

What error code or message are you receiving?
"The game couldn't start. Try downloading the game again."

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    you will have to transfer memory from your xbox 360 to the slim. apparently BC games dont work on slim. I posted a link to help you with transfer. hope it helps

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    BC games do work on a slim,i play them myself on mine.Sounds to me like a HDD problem.I know what you were told on the phone but are you 100% sure you have an official hard drive?

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    just cause you were able to install updates does not mean it is a real MS brand hard drive.  all of the fake drives can do that they usually do not have the partition that contains the emulation software.  your only option is to return that drive and get a real one.

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    I have no problem with my 320gb Microsoft hdd, I'm willing to bet its not a third party hdd.

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    This won't help you play them but i know many original X-box games DO NOT work on the xbox slim no matter the Hard Drive size. The only thing you can do is either play them on a old xbox or see if you can buy it in the Xbox market place.


    Any original games that do work wil NOT have achivments or the option to install it and will disconnect you from Xbox Live as there are no more original servers still on.

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    Daft Badger: No, I am not sure I have an official hdd. It came in a MS Xbox box with an authenticity logo and everything, but I'm pretty sure those can be faked.

    After reading the replies, I have absolutely no faith in Xbox support representatives. My friend has a slim and he was able to play these games in his system, so I know they are BC games that work on a slim. I think I'll probably just have to return the hdd and buy another one direct from MS.

    I hope someone from Xbox support reads this and officially comments about backward compatibility on the slim.

    Once again, thank you everyone for your help.

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    There are some extremly good fake HDD's being sold.Your better off returning the one you have & buying an official HDD from a reputable game shop or MS.

    You've probably read this but hers a link to BC games etc.

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    I have a 4 gig its considered a memory unit and I believe original xbox games can only be played on a 20 gig Hdd or higher

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    Try the steps on here.  Let us know how you get on.

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    That's the post that the support rep and I went through before I posted this thread.

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    Hey berto,

    Were you able to try a different hard drive on your console? Maybe borrow one from a friend and try, for testing.

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    Ah, thatd explain why after "upgrading" to a chinese knockoff is why i suddently cant play BC games.. fair enough, 120gigs to 320 for 55$. Its worth losing BC and i have my 120 if i REALLY have to play it, but i have a hacked xbox1 so i can play them anyway >.> really not a loss anymore.

    I think its a licensing thing which is why the official ones are so expensive. Everything else works, and its actually faster then my 120, or maybe it had issues, probably the latter.  Ya, pop up the hdd(when its off) and look for a shiny silver sticker, if its xbox hologram, then *** at microsoft, if its blank, then you have what i do maybe. Mine doesnt have silver on teh side either(instead its color matched plastic to the grey, which oddly looks better), but again. only 55$

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    Fake drives can be really convincing. I was conned into a fake 250GB drive for my 4GB slim, and it did everything else fine, except play original xbox games. I upgraded to a 320GB official drive and now all is well, I can play my original games :)  So my answer would be your drive isn't an official Microsoft product.

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    so ermm, guys question:

    Does anyone know where i can get an Official Xbox 360 250GB hdd drive for my xbox 360 4gb slim? i want to play Halo CE & Starwars Battlefront two again on backward compatibility on the xbox 360 4gb slim :(

    (a Direct link would be VERY appreciated)

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    so ermm, guys question:

    Does anyone know where i can get an Official Xbox 360 250GB hdd drive for my xbox 360 4gb slim? i want to play Halo CE & Starwars Battlefront two again on backward compatibility on the xbox 360 4gb slim :(

    (a Direct link would be VERY appreciated)

    Try buying from Microsoft store?