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Black ops 2 freezing during start up.

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When ever I try starting Black Ops 2 it freezes, it shows the little intro for a brief 3 seconds then freezes again.

I've tried many things, Clearing system cache, installing Black Ops on the Xbox, cleaning the disk (I even went to get a new one), Deleting black ops 2 and re-installing, deleting the Xbox update, everything. I don't want to buy a new Xbox any time soon. Other games are working and their fine. I searched long and hard but none of the solutions are working,  I'm really feeling stressed and i'm near to just throwing my Xbox out the window.

(When I also deleted Black ops 2 and cleared the system cache, it would let me update and when it finished it FROZE AGAIN.)

Any help is good enough.

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    Hello there!


    Have a look at this Screen Freeze Solution Page! It will ask a series of questions of which will give you solutions for your issue based on your answer!


    Hope this helps!

    Keep us posted!

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    I have tried those before, sadly they did not work.

    But thanks for the info!

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    I hate to say this but your game save at least the auto save may be corrupted and when it tries to load the data from it, it freezes the system. I had a game once that was doing that too me, kept freezing when i would load a game save.  Now I'm not sure how BOPS2 works when loading or checking saved data and where it does it.   But I would recommend moving you saves to a USB storage device and then removing the device so the system cant see it.  Delete the current save files you have on the XB HDD and then try starting the game again. See if that helps and lets you play the game

    Let us know. :)

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    Do you mean any BO2 Save file? or just any save file from any other game, I just got BO2 for my Xbox.

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    Well if its freezing for that game only, its possible whatever the save is it wants to load, is corrupt, so I would move all BO2 files to a separate drive, remove that drive(USB) and then delete all saves from the XB HDD. It's usually associated with the most recent save, as that would be the one its trying to auto load. Now, if you don't have a lot of progress done in the game before it started freezing, then backing up the files may not be too much of a concern for you.  I just didn't want you to lose all data which is why I suggest moving a copy of the saves off the console.

    Once you delete the saves, try loading the game and seeing if it still freezes, if it doesn't, bring back the saves you copied off the HDD, starting with the oldest file, 1 at a time. After each file, try loading the game again, if it was a save, eventually one of those saves will cause it to freeze again, and then you know which one is corrupt.

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    The only thing i could think would be wrong would be corrupted player data on Black Ops 2 so you may have to delete the play data to the console and try again. this usually occurs when you leave while the game is saveing.

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    I don't have any saves for BO2, I just got it brand new. The only things I have on there is the Installment of the game and the DLC. I also tried deleting everything in BO2 and re-installing but it never worked.

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    May I also add im playing on an Older xbox 360 (Limited Edition Mw2)

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    That could be a possible problem with it being old tech, although in all seriousness there is no reason why the disc shouldn't play just because it is an older console. Does it do this with any other games or just BO2?

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    Nope, just BO2. I tested Mw2 ,Black ops, and a few other games and they all worked, Black ops 2 is just the only one giving me trouble.

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    Hey there!

    It does seem to be the disc itself of which looks like it needs replacing! And since you say there is no corrupted data, it looks like it is the disc. Try going to the origin of purchase and requesting a replacement stating your issue and they should sort it out for you! :)

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    Agh, but the disc is brand new, when i got the 2nd disc it still wouldn't load! If I can I may need to hand the disc to a friend and see if it works for him, I just don't think its the disc.

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    Hey XFri3dRice! I'd definitely say try playing the game on an alternate console before going back in to replace the disc for a 3rd time. I'm also curious if you've tried removing your hard drive device and playing the game while it's removed? Does the same issue occur?

    And to be sure, you've tried to manually delete title updates and DLC? Clearing system cache will not catch these larger updates so make sure to try this step as well! Let us know where you end up. :)

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    Alright, I did try to play it while the hard drive removed twice and it still froze. So yes the same issue occurs. I have no idea on how to manually delete title updates unless your talking about going into the settings,system ect. I already tried that and it still didn't work. But if your not, then no I haven't tried that.

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    Hey there Fried Rice,

    Just curious about when you removed the hard drive.  Did you still have a USB flash drive or any other memory device connected to your console? It would be best to try with NO memory devices connected.

    I have a couple of things for you to try.  First off, let's delete the game install file from your console's Storage, clear the cache, restart the console, then download your Xbox LIVE profile (don't delete, just download again - it will overwrite)  to your console then try the game again.

    If those steps don't help. You can re-update your console using the steps in Solution 1 from our support page for Error: "The Game could not start"  Once that is done try the game again.

    Give those steps a try, and let us know your results.  We'll go from there.  


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