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Can't play on any multiplayer maps or zombie maps on cod world at war..hacked?

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For some reason i'm now rank 1, even though a couple of days ago i was ranked at 21. I have a feeling someone has hacked my account, and now i can't play any of the multiplayer maps, or zombie maps..anyone have any suggestions? cheers

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  • You might have gotten into an infection lobby without knowing it and got reset. I'm not aware of anyway to get back to 0 exp sorry :(

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    Unfortunately the only fix for this is to make a new account OP, IW/Infinityward do not reset stats.

    There is a sticky thread in this forum about mods in CoD games.

    I would give it a read then you will be able to avoid further issues with different CoD titles in the future (Waw & CoD4)......