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Xbox 360 looks bad on monitor

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I have a 23.6" Asus monitor w/ 1080p native resolution and hdmi. I have an Xbox 360 hooked to it via HDMI cable. While playing Madden 11, they graphics look awful with lots of jagged edges. Console settings are set to HDMI/1080P. Not sure what I can do to improve them, but the game looks much better on my brothers big screen. I have always been a PC gamer but ventured into console gaming today. But the game looks awful. Is there any reason for this, or can it be fixed?

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    Does your monitor have a HDMI port or are you using a converter?  What is the model of your monitor?

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    It has an HDMI port and thats how I have it hooked up. It's an Asus VH242H.

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    Please disregard my previous post as I made a mistake. I am using an HDMI port and the monitor is a Asus VH232H 23" Wide 1920X1080 LCD