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disc is unreadable messages

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Okay, so I was playing a Gamefly rental copy of FEAR 3, and got a message that the disc was unreadable. It was pretty scratched, so I reported the problem & sent it back. I then watched some Netflix, played Arkham Asylum for a few minutes and the popped in Rock Band 3. After nearly an hour of Rock Band, I got another unreadable disc message ( right in the middle of Sister Christian, too...). It had a weird smudge on it that wasn't there when I inserted the disc. Is there a way to clean the lens and/or disc drive? Like a cleaning kit or something  (I know the Wii has one )?

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    There is no officially supported cleaning kit for the console, no. Are you certain it got smudged inside the console? Have you since tried inserting clean discs into the console, playing them, and then checking when you remove them?

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