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GTA 5 Crash and Freeze on old Xbox

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I've got a old white Xbox 360 (2007, HDD: 20Gb), which has been fixed in 2009 after a "General Hardware Failure" (RROD).

After the first installation of GTA 5 (Disc1 installed, Disc 2 not installed), the game freezed and my console crashed in the very first mission. 

So, i search on internet for support and I found that a lot of people have my same problem. I also found some advice: disinstall, clear cache, clear data in marketplace, unplug, reinstall disc1, reset and reinstall disc 2. 
I've tryed every single possible combination of installation (also installing only Disc1 or both discs on different memory unit), but freeezes and crashes are still costant and totally random (both in cutscene and in game) in the first half hour of play. 
The same Discs are working on my friend's Xbox 360 (Elite) and my console still have no issue on running other recent games.

Could you give me any other advice in order to risolve my problem? 

I hope so. Thanks.

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    Does the game work with a different gamertag?

    If it does, please delete your gamertag without it's contents, by typing "Y" when you highlight your HDD in the storage settings. Clear the cache and turn your console off and on again.

    After that download your gamertag again and try to play the game.

    Or unplug your HDD (while your console is turned off) and the use USB-memory-devices, which should contain the installed game files.

    If everything is still not working, please contact the local phone support.

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    Be nice to each other and happy gaming :-)