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How to fix unrecognized disc error

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Hi im experiencing some problems with my xbox reading ay kind of discs.It comes up telling me to clean the disc which i do but the problem is still there,have tried a brand new game but it is still having problem so the problem lays within the console. Does anyone know a way to fix it without taking the console apart. Thanks
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    try this if those tips do not work then sadly you will have to send in your console for repair, good luck.

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    This problem has to do with the laser in the disc drive.  There is no way to fix it without taking the xbox apart, so you will have to send it in for repair.  I would do this asap if you stiff have the warranty or it will cost $100 for the repair. Sorry

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    i have problems

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    It's always best to start your own thread instead of bumping old ones.

    You will need to give as much details as you can about your issue so someone can help you.

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