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I played a long night of xbl and the next morning I woke up and when I got on I noticed my profile was not there so when I tried to download it again It will download about 1/10 of the way then it will stop and say .A Error has Occured try again later 80004005 . The wording might not be exact but u get the point . Thanks To ever helps me let's get this resolved
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  • Status code: 80004005

    Some connection types and Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot access Xbox LIVE Marketplace from the Xbox 360 console. We are aware of this problem and we are working with ISPs to resolve the problem.

    Solution 1: Use the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on

    You can purchase items from and add them to your console’s download queue. Here’s how:

    1.Go to the Xbox Marketplace.

    2.In the upper-right corner, click Sign in. Enter the email address and password that you used when you signed up for Xbox LIVE (this is your Windows Live ID).

    3.Browse the Games, Add-ons, or Avatar items to find something you want to download.

    4.Click Download to Xbox 360.

    The next time you turn on your console, the content will start downloading on your console.

    Solution 2: Use a different Internet connection

    Connect your Xbox 360 console to the Internet at another location using a different ISP. For example, take the console to a friend’s house and connect to the Internet there.

    For more information on error codes please visit :)


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    ok ...i will call my lawyer to resolve this. we'll see on the proces. xbox is just a big *** stolen my money and give me 80004005 and no resolve. my lawyer will resolve the problem. i can't download the account-profile, i can't pay my money to connect on xbox live ....nothing...this stupid xbox doesen't work and microsoft tricked me.

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    Hey there, b164cos. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience! If you need assistance I'd be more than happy to help. To start can you please create a new thread by clicking this link: ?

    If you can explain exactly what happened and what you are trying to accomplish that would be very helpful and will allow us to start the troubleshooting process. Thanks in advance! Standing by for your thread.

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    damn it .... i have the same problem >>> i feel like i bought xbox for nothing .... i cant access to BF3 multiplier

    this game cost me money , i guess i have to call my lawyer too , or you guys have to  fix this 80004005 problem ...

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    NAT issues can cause a lot of problems, one of the things Xbox Live Requires is Full Cone NAT connection, which opens up multiple connections through your Gateway, I woulds suggest contacting your Service Provider and getting that situated out.

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    I find it completely funny how pathetic you guys are for trying to "Call your lawyers" for something so trivial as unable to download your profile...

    You do realize that IF you were able to take them to court that you would NOT win...Microsoft has more money than you will see in your entire lifetime...

    You guys need to start using your brains and think outside the box..

    1-Check your NAT settings [They may be INVISIBLE]

    2-Try to DL your GT at a friends house, good chance you still have NAT and your friends network may be able to resolve it

    3- CALL XBL CUSTOMER SUPPORT.....That way they can help you help yourself

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    I wonder if everyone that threatens to lawyer up over 5 or 10 bucks realizes that anyone serious about such a threat needs to be prepared to pay a $1500-$2000 retainer fee.  But yeah, What Kaluhua said.  nice post, Kaluhua! :)  

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    man I got this problem this morring, my NAT is open so idk what the problem is Hacked?

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    i got this today too

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    i got this error code saying that couldnt download profile properly status code 80004005

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    Calm down, this is actually listed as a problem on the website. If you check, then you can see they are working on it.

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    man this is bogus it seems when i pay lots of money for stuff it stops working like my ps3 it turns yellow then turns off then blinks until  you hit the power button again.and thats after i gave away all my old games and bought the new ones that just came out I'm talking about 1000 worth of merchandise then the next day it breaks so i returned all the stuff bought all the same for xbox plus the xbox live and turtle beaches and the xbox live stops working man thats some B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I got the same here. Started this morning. It's gotta be some kind of maintainance. My guess is it should be right again in, let's say 24hs? I do hope so...