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Xbox original game won't play on my Xbox 360 slim

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Ok so I know you need a game that is on the list, which I have, an HDD Microsoft licensed hard drive, which I have, and the game has to have the right code (for instance being in America it needs to be a NTSC), which I have. However my game still won't play on my Xbox slim. Am I missing anything else?

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    If you have a 4GB slim then the game won't play because the 4GB slim does not have a hard drive.If this is the case you would need to be a 360s compatible hard drive.

    Another possibility is that the game you are trying to play is not backwards compatible with the xbox 360. Sometimes the PAL version could be compatible but the NTSC version might not be or vice versa.

    List of compatible games can be found here

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    which game is it?  Some games have been removed from the backwards compatibility list.

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    Do you get an error message when you try to play the game?

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    Both my copy and the marketplace copy say game couldnt start... Thats all, i've tried redownloading and reupdating, none  of my original discs work, and I have 30ish different titles!

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    Hey Juggastoned! Would you be able to tell us what game you're having this issue with? Is it listed on the compatibility site: Have you also had a chance to run through our sticky guide on this issue ( Give it a go and let us know! :)