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It keeps telling me to open tray

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Hey people, I am having a problem with my Xbox. Basically it won't read games at all and it just keeps asking me to open the tray. Now normally it would work after about the 7th time of trying but now they just won't load at all. I put a disc in (Fifa 11), it makes a noise and it then says "Open Tray". Even though there is a disc in it. For the love of god please don't say my Xbox is ****ed either because I might actually cry.Ope

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    Sorry to say that it sounds as if your drive is going to be in need of a repair.


    If the console is under 12 months old you could try returning it to the store you bought it from for a replacement. Also under 12 months old you'd be eligable for a free repair from Microsoft.


    Unfortunately over 12 months old and it'll cost you £62 if you arrange it over the internet


    Or £75 if you choose to arrange it over the phone

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