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xbox wont read my brand new black ops 2 disc

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im having an issue i really need help with because its really aggravating me. i just got a brand new copy of black ops 2 for my xbox that was sealed and everything and when i put it into the xbox it wont read the game at all. the game hasnt loaded once since i tried for like 2 hours. i can hear it trying to read but it never loads or sounds like it is. all it says is open tray every time i open and close. i have the older white xbox 360 still so i dont know if it has something to do with that? i tried a bunch of my other games just to see and they all read on the first try so its not like my xbox doesnt read anything. i just dont understand how a brand new game that i never touched until i put it in the first time wouldnt work. can anyone give me suggestions on what to do or how i can fix this. im really pissed that i have a brand new game ive been waiting to play just sitting here being a waste of money.

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    id also like to add that i went and tried it on someone else's xbox who has one of the newer xboxs and it loaded on the first try there, so im thinking theres nothing wrong with the disc. why does the newer xbox read the game but not the older white one?

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    Just a shot in the dark brother has the same issue with his original pro model (5 years old) If it's sitting on it's side it has trouble reading games but when put upright it works fine.

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    Hi there. I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your new Xbox 360 game.

    If your console is unable to read a disc, there are two things to try right off the bat. First, check that the disc you’re using is from the same region as your console. The region will be listed on the right side of the disc, near the center, or on the upper right-hand corner of the game case’s face (NTSC is for all of North and South America; NTSC-J is for Asia; and PAL includes Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand).

    The second thing you’ll want to try is cleaning the reflective surface on the disc with a soft, slightly damp cloth (water only!), lightly wiping from the inside out. Even though it is a brand new disc, there may be some smudges from the factory making it unreadable. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please try some of these steps:

    - Clear your cache:

    Your cache stores items such as game and system updates and gamer pictures. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your saves or profile by clearing the cache. To clear your cache, navigate to the ‘My Xbox’ channel in the dashboard menu, within which you can select ‘System Settings’. Select ‘memory,’ highlight the HDD, and press (Y). Select ‘Clear System Cache,’ then ‘Yes.’

    - Remove your Hard Drive:

    Instructions for removing your hard drive can be found here:

    If the game starts with the hard drive removed, then power off the console, remove the hard drive, reinsert the hard drive and after try the game again. If it doesn’t work only with the hard drive attached, then your hard drive will need to be replaced.

    - Remove any other memory units or USB flash drives:

    Remove all non-essential peripherals from the console (everything except for power, video, and internet). If removing one of these resolves the issue, then power down the console and try again with the drive reattached. If the game doesn’t work only with the device in question attached, it will have to be replaced (or if it’s a USB drive, reformatted).

    - Try a different game disc:

    If you have the opportunity, try using a different Black Ops II game disc. If a different game disc works, the first disc will need to be replaced. If other game discs also do not work, you’ll want to check your warranty status and set up a repair here:

    I hope that one of these steps solves the issue. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Happy holidays!

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    rotten thanks for the tip, but my xbox is usually upright most of the time. both positions dont seem to make it work.

    steadfast, thanks for all the suggestions. i have done lots of things to make it work but with no luck so far. i just tried some of your suggestions but it still isnt reading. i havent tried using another copy of black ops 2 because i only have this one so i dont know if another disc would work. ill try to find someone who will let me test their disc on mine. i was really trying to avoid having to buy a new xbox because i dont have the money, but i feel like this game disc was made for the newer xbox because ive seen some other people posting about this same issue that have the older xbox like me. i mean i could be wrong about that but i just cant believe a new disc wouldnt work. i think its either that or maybe my disc drive is just having issues reading games now like the laser not working or something. either way i feel like im never gonna get to play this game now without buying a new xbox  since the warranty on this one has already expired =/

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    I'm sorry that none of the suggestions are helping to fix the issue.

    Currently, all Xbox 360 games are designed to work with all Xbox 360 consoles, old and new.

    If you decide to have your console repaired, it's important to note that a console repair costs much less than the price of a brand new console. An out-of-warranty Xbox 360 repair costs $99 plus tax if submitted online, or $119 plus tax if submitted over the phone. You can learn more about the repair process here:

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    SteadfastStorm, it is illegal to sell different formats outside of the regions, so that could not be the case. I do recommend the repair option that is listed above if the console has not been tampered with. Your warranty will cover this also. We would love to see you online playing Zombies or Pwning players but, it just looks like your console has to be repaired.

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    Hi there, hate to hear you've been having troubles with it.  I bet we can get you playing without needing to spend too much money.  For one thing, if it really is brand new, you can probably swap it out for a different copy at the store where you bought it, if you still have the receipt. That would be my advice for the next step. Can you give that a try (as well as the other steps here) and let us know how it goes?

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    I'm having the same issues, although I have now resorted to returning the game disc for a replacement. I'm keeping everything crossed this will solve it, however i took the original disc to my bro's house and it worked straight away on his new xbox, and yes i have the older 2009 white xbox 360. So i'm not expecting it to work.

    There are so many people out there with the same issue it cant all be hardware related !!

    I did eventually get to play online however i had the green graphics glitch without a gun, then after 15 or so reboots managed to get an hour online gameplay before it crashed. unable to load again since !

    I must of tried over 20 times to install this game onto my harddrive, never getting further than 24% !

    There has to be another way to play this game other than getting 100's of people to throw out their current console which works perfectly fine playing ANY other game, i just wish someone would take responsibility and admit there IS A PROBLEM.

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    Hey there Dang! For our best help, please create a new thread here detailing your issue and any steps you have already taken. We'll be happy to assist you there, thanks!

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    DaNgErEz, im with you there definitely is a problem that needs to be solved with this game cuz i see more and more people with the older white xboxs unable to load this game, when every time i try it on the newer xbox it loads immediately and plays perfect. ive given up trying to get my disc to work all the time because im stuck with my white xbox for now and cant get a new one. ive finally gotten my game to load a few times, but it takes me about a half hour of opening and closing the tray before it loads. its such a pain to do that every time i wanna play it. i wish there was another solution other than getting another xbox

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    Thanks for you feedback guys. As i mentioned above I'm currently awaiting the arrival of a replacement game disc.

    I'll keep you updated if this works or not. I'm really not convinced this will help, but i hear its possible that 1 in 1000 discs could be faulty from the manufacturing process.

    In the meantime if anyone does have a solution that actually works let me know :)

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    Ok, quick update for you.

    I swapped for another brand new disc and it loaded to the menu first time, but got disc read error before match started.

    I got onto multiplayer after a few attempts for one match then all the same problems occured.....

    4 or 5 restarts later and im back onto multiplayer.... 2 matches down but not confident it'll last for long.

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    I'm getting a slim in about two weeks to replace my 20gb pro....once i found out new games have a different disc format that older xboxes cant read them correctly 100% of the time( some games work better than others..don't know why) i knew I was going to have to shell out $200+ bucks to play games that i just bought.

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    DaNgErEz, have you been through all the steps here? Xbox 360 Can’t Read Disc  It may be that your console requires service.

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    I have gone through the guide above, and it suggests replacing the disc or getting a service. I have already swapped the brand new disc for another from a different retailer. I really cant justify spending in the region of £100 for a repair just to play black ops 2. Every other game works perfectly fine.

    One trick which seems to work about 50% after searching through the web forums is by inserting a dvd. once playing swap it with black ops disc, this seems to let me play the game. I am still getting the occasional crash after an online match but this is happening slightly less often. (when the screen turns black and cannot get back to xbox homepage).

    Iam still unable to install the game to harddrive, sometimes resulting in issues with the textures/graphics - freezing prior to an online match.