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Skylanders Giants disc problems

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I have been having issues with the disc for skylanders Giants.  I bought it as Santa's gift and my son is so upset.  We have searched the forum and have had no such luck with making it work very well.  At first we could not get it to work at would say disc unable to be read. 

Then we finally got it to work for like 5 mins then on a loading screen it would just go black and freeze.  We would shut it off for a bit (like a half hour ish) then we would try it again. It would start up and work for 15 mins then do the same thing.  Took my son 4 times to get past the first level to save the game.  We have tried at least a dozen times and have to eventually shut the console down and wait to try again. 

 I went out and bought a different set and the same thing happened.  So I got frustrated and took it over to a friends place to rule out my machine....the game worked in her machine so we thought we would see how her disc would work in my machine (again to check if it was a faulty machine) and her game works with no difficulty in my machine...NO FREEZING NO DISC error. 

So I guess what I am asking for is if there is something I can do to make the game stop freezing or if it is the discs themselves that did not work.  I would like to try ALL options as I bought the game in a city 2 hours away and will not be returning for a couple of weeks.  Please if anyone can think of anything NOT too tricky as I am not a gamer so have no clue what to do with situations like this...please let me know. 

Thanks in advance!! 

So many problems I just wonder how this new product has so many bugs that need to be worked out. 

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    If you can't get it back to the store, try installing the disc to the hard drive if your X Box has one. That might help, if not most publishers have a 90 day warranty on there disc if there is no customer caused damage. Look in the manual and it should be listed there with contact info.