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Halo 4 spartan ops : player failed to load content..

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Yes, another one of these threads. The problem is that my sister cannot load spartan ops. Im going to list what we have already tried in hopes that someone here has a solution. The message she constantly gets is Players failed to load content, a player may be missing DLC. She can play MM and campaign without problems.

She was actually breifly able to play a few games, episode 6 and 7, before the game was unable to load again. The 6 and 7 will not even load anymore, even though she has already played them. This was caused by simply turning her xbox off to take a break, and turning it on wanting to play again later. Nothing was removed/added on. (i find that this makes no sense to me, but it is what happened.)

What have we tried? She has removed the title update, disc 2, spartan ops episodes 1-5 and 6-10, reinstalled them, and nothing has changed. She has her own Halo 4 disc, I have my own, we tried swapping and nothing changed (which rules out a faulty disc)

The next step we will try, is that she will recover her gamertag onto my xbox and then see if she can play.

Her xbox is fairly new, just over a year old, so im doubtful that there is a problem with the xbox.


Does anyone have any answers or steps that may work? Thanks.

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    Hello Blueborg

    Did your sister tried the following 3 on her xbox360?

    1) Install the Halo 4 game into the hard drive

    2) Clear the system cache.

    3) Delete all halo 4 data (Make sure you backup your save files or transfer it elsewhere)

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    Hey there, her disc was installed to the hard drive from day 1, clearing system cashe had no effect, and she has removed all halo 4 content (even including things like saved films and gametypes) None of these helped.

    Il also add that when she downloaded her profile onto my xbox, she was able to play.

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    Hey Blue! Thanks for the update.  OK, so I'm thinking it's something specific to her profile on her console- which is usually pretty easy to fix.  Please have her transfer her profile onto a USB drive, and then remove it from the system entirely.  Then clear the cache again, restart the console, and download the profile from the Sign In screen.  Betcha the Spartan Ops will behave themselves, but please let us know!

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    Hey there  ermine, we just tried this and she was still unable to play. We have given up trying now because there should never be this much hassle when trying to play some useless DLC.

    Thank you all for your suggestions, but this is just pathetic.

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    Nah, I can totally understand the frustration.  Hmm, so she definitely can play on YOUR system, but can you play on hers?  If you can't, then here's what I would try next: just remove all accessories possible from the console, including the hard drive.  Then install the DLC to the USB drive you're using and see if either of you can play it that way.

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    Same problem. I tried all of these and none seem to be helping!

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    Hello, I am having the same problem.  Contacted microsoft support and they were no help.  Don't know what to do anymore.  Really sucks to go this far into it and have it not work.  

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    Hey there Sitrium!  So you can't even play on another system?  Hmmm, OK that's very interesting.  Would you mind making a fresh thread detailing exactly what you've tried?  We'll get to the bottom of this yet!

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    Delete the Crimson Maps packs... I've seen suggestions that this may help...

    I'm having a similar problem... head doin' to say the very least...

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    I've had the same problem for the past month. I tried putting it in a different console and it worked perfectly. Thanks Miss Ermine!