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Hitman Absolution (Language Pack)

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I've recently bought Hitman Absolution via my dashboard. The game itself is in (spoken) French, as I bought it in Belgium (from the Flemish/Dutch Xbox Live part). I've downloaded the additional English Language Pack (into the same storage device as my game Hitman). Normally it should show in the Options Menu a option to change the Voice Audio (from French) to English. However that option is nowhere to be found in the game after downloading the English Language Pack. I've searched all the Options but the only thing changeable is the Text Subtitles. I can't find any Option to change the Audio to English (from the very bad spoken French now). I've already searched the Eidos forums, but found no solution. Someone here has the solution?

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    Is your xbox language set to english ? If not so set it.

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    My settings are on English Belgium in the Settings > Language & Locale of the Xbox360, still no 'English' in the Options of the Hitman Absolution to see. Only Text Language be changed, not the spoken one. It would be helpful to know how exactly that English option looks like, but searching on the forums of Xbox and Eidos only says the option English will appear in Options Menu after downloading the Language pack  (unfortunately it doesn't with me).

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    Hi Blinckx. I would suggest deleting and redownloading the game. Here is how to redownload Xbox content from Xbox LIVE if you need any assistance with that. 

    Let us know how it goes, or if you have any questions. Cheers!