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Skyrim deleting patches with DLC installed

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Skyrim: I want to start a new character but since it´s too tedious to level up when still being low level, I wanted to use the Oghma Infium bug for the first few levels. 

Now my question: Since patch 1.9 it isn´t possible anymore to use this bug, but after deleting the patches it would work again. But I don´t want to lose the save files of my first character. Will I be abe to load them again after reinstalling the patches? Note: I´ve got the Dawnguard and the Hearthfire DLC installed. Will my items from those DLC´s be gone afterwards?

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    Updates, Saves and DLC are stored separately on the storage so you can delete system updates. However, DLC usually links to an update too so it is likely you won't be able to use any DLC until you put the updates back on your console.

    If you plan to do this, back up your save games on a removable storage device like a USB drive (then disconnect the storage) to make sure your save games are safe.

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    I was going to suggest the same thing. Copy them to a USB, heck copy your files onto 2 different USB drives.

    With Elder Scrolls, I would hate to lose my data.

    When you clear cache you will be forced to stay offline. your existing might appear corrupted but if they do not, make sure you dont load them either cuz you might lose certain items acquired from the DLC packs.

    Just start your new game on a new slot and do whatever you need to do.

    When you update again, your old files should be accessible again.

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