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How many Giga Bytes (GB) do you need to play online?!

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i need to know how many GB 's it takes to connect to live, and maybe what the least and most amount of GB you need to play(if it varies fromgame to game then specificly for Black Ops). i want to get a moble hotspot from verizon wireless and want to know what moblie broadband plan i should get. theres 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB. im shooting for 5GB but if i go over 5GB it cost $10/GB more due to overage of that plans monthly allowance. If any one can tell me how many GB it takes your help will be greatly apreciated. thank you!  

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    Well you won't get anywhere near 5GB (Gigabytes) just playing online games - after all it's the equivalent of downloading over 500 mp3's a month. 

    The amount of data you can download with a 3G or 4G mobile connection is not what you should be concerned about, what is more important is latency.  While mobile Internet may be fine for browsing the net, it can really be troublesome for online gaming, where ping times can make the massive difference to your online experience.  Latency on mobile Internet can be very high, making online gaming in many cases almost impossible.  A good cable or DSL connection ping is about 50 > 75MS, however 3G and 4G connections go into the hundreds, which is not good for games like Black Ops.

    Also, you can't connect your Xbox direct to a mobile Internet connection, you need to 'bridge' it first with a PC.

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    I use Three mobile broadband and find online gaming is just about possible. The ping is usually 200-300ms but with the right game it can work. It doesn't use much band and 5GB should be plenty for starters.