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What's the ideal minimum internet speed for xboxlive gaming.

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We are thinking about changing internet provider.I just want to know what's the ideal internet speed.One that's not to slow or one that doesn't have to be that fast.I know the minimal requirements but I want to know what's the minimal in a multiplayer opinion.
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    Hi there serious,

    There is no real "ideal" connection speed, only the minimum. Everybody has a different type of internet speed and some have lag while using the same Internet speed as someone with no lag.



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    I played on 0.92 download and 0.06 upload for a couple of years and didn't have problems. That's probably the worst connection you're going to see on the Internet for xbox live.

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    Hey there Serious!

    At the bottom of our "I'm getting randomly disconnected from Xbox Live" support article, you can see our recommended minimum speeds. Obviously faster is usually better (assuming it's a stable connection) but at least you can see the recommended minimum speeds.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. =)

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    it depends on the game you're playing and who's using you internet (smart phones , tv ..)

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    @ImOuttaGold hey hey

    Please check post date before answering to it, this thread is pretty old.

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