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Is there going to be anybody on XBOX 360 LIVE after the release of Xbox One?

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On August 31st, 2013, I bought an XBOX 360 E, and I am planning to get XBOX LIVE Gold and a headset soon.

However, I'm a bit worried that nobody is going to be on Xbox LIVE for the 360 because everybody is going to upgrade to Xbox One. Is there going to be anybody on Xbox LIVE for the 360? Is everybody who owns the 360 going to upgrade to the XBOX One? Will Microsoft shut down the XBOX 360 servers?

I'm just worried that I'll be alone online and none of the XBL friends I'll eventually accumulate will be online.

I'm also 13 making $20 a month, so I don't really have the funds to go out and buy an Xbox One. My brother and I had to pool our money just to be able to get a 4GB 360.



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  • There are millions of people on the Live service. Not all of them are going to go to the Xbox One when it comes out. You won't have anything to worry about. The servers will not be shut down once the new console comes out.

  • Microsoft have said that they plan to support the Xbox 360 for a number of years after the launch of the Xbox One and they have also said that Live membership will be transferable between Xbox 360s and Xbox Ones. With news games being released for the 360 as well as the One and, of course, the thousands of Xbox 360 games still out there, you will definitely not be alone for some years to come. :-)

  • Don't worry, as others have already said, Microsoft will continue to support the 360 for years to come. Some servers may be turned off by developers independent to microsoft but many games will continue to be supported for a long time. New games will continue to be released for the console as well. As for players, I know the majority of my friends will be sticking with their 360 when the Xbox One comes out this fall and most of them probably won't advance into the next generation next year either. You will have plenty of other players online to play with, dont worry!

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    Thanks for your answers, everyone! :D I am now much more confident in my purchase of an Xbox 360.

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    ill b on more on 360 cause 360>one : )

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    I came to this post because I am 13 and got my 360E for Christmas I am glad to know that there is hope :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps If anyone wants you can add me to xbox live i will be getting a few games so if anyone is up for multiplayer im your gal :D XD

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    What I'm worried about is when I lose all of my data XD

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    As long as the servers stay ONLINE. There will always be someone on Xbox 360 LIVE.

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    Xbox live for the 360 will be up as long as people keep playing the xbox 360