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cant remember windows live id

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Got my son a new xbox for christmas...he cant remember the email and password associated with this profile..called the 800 number and they cant help either without the correct email address...its been 5 years since he has had to use it....any clue how to figure it out?

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    If he knows the gamertag, they can look it up with that. But they do have to have the name, phone and address that was on file.

    After that, to provide the id, has to be able to answer the secret question and/or the last four digits of any credit or debit card ever on file.

    Good luck!

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    thanks....that is the thing we only have the gamertag...cant remember anything else...its been 5 years since had to have he has this new system (which is his third)..but with the others he could just switch his hard drive and now i suppose he will have to start new.....urghhhh!!