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80151103 & 80151909 error codes

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Getting quite fed up of this now. Got a new xbox for Christmas, went through set up and entered my email address and password and it gave me a gamertag but then froze with one of the above error codes as it was downloading the profile. The message was 'Cannot download profile - try again later'.

Had this all Christmas day and spoke to online support Boxing day - they told me it was an issue with the router so I checked all necessary ports were open - they were. I called support who told me it was simply too much traffic on the network and keep trying. I also had to reset my windows password and a whole bunch of other troubleshooting actions.

Called again on Wednesday as still could not download profile and after speaking to a supervisor was told that the problem was recognised and xbox were looking into it.

Called again today (saturday) as still cannot access xbox live as the profile freezes while downloading and was told there is nothing they can do until the error is fixed.

The console shows it connects fine to xbox live and I can access my account on it just wont download the profile to the console. My niece got an xbox at the same time has connected without issue. I even ran the microsoft network test and that came back fine.

Network Status: Network/Internet/Xboxlive - all show as connected  Live Status: All show as Up

Error Status Report:

w: 0000-0021 

x: 0000-F001

Y: 20A8-4840

Z: 0000-0000


L: 0015-10F1

Q: 0015-10F1

T: wireless

it then shows the IP address, gateway etc.

Any help would be appreciated. At present, I feel like I have been given a rather expensive shiny box for Christmas that will be returned to the shop soon if things carry on. Just so frustrated with this now and I've wasted far too much time sorting this out over the holiday period.


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    Hey KRog and Mat7! If you create your own threads we'll be able to provide you better support! After you review the start here sticky [] make sure to post the information requested in bold [as I see you're already a pro at Mat7 :)] and we can get to the bottom of your connection issues! :) This suggestion goes for all other users in this thread who would like assistance as well!

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    Hi, could you try a wired connection to see if that helps at all.

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    Have tried a wired connection too but still not working

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    im having the same problem and i am too fed up with it

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    cant connect live here with slim and wired or wireless.


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    Hey Benji, sorry to hear about the frustration with your new console! Okay, for that error code, can you please visit, to see what comes up on that page? If there are any notices about your account, you'll want to follow the instructions listed. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please try changing your Live ID password, to see if that sets things straight.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Mister Fitzer - Please read the email above - I had tried this. I updated the account and changed the password a couple of times. I was even advised by xbox team to contact the windows live ID admin team for them to look at my account and they have said there are no issues with the account and there is nothing that they can do at their end. Resetting the password does not work for me.

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    Okay, sorry about re-recommending that second step. To be sure, nothing out of the ordinary is listed on, correct? Also, are you seeing an equal amount of the above error codes, or does one show up more often that the other? Lastly, can you please let me know if you've tried the following?

    1. Move your Gamer Profile to a USB configured for use with Xbox 360.
    2. Delete any corrupted profiles from 'storage'
    3. Clear the console cache
    4. Re-download the Gamertag from the sign-in menu  

    If you haven't given these steps a try, and you please do so now?  

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Hi, thanks for coming back to me. I can confirm that there is nothing out of the ordinary with my windows account. It is pretty much an equal amount of the error codes it usually starts with 1103 and then the following will be 1909 and then 1103 again.

    I had already tried emptying profiles from storage but as I haven't been able to download one and haven't created one locally, this is empty. I keep trying to download the gamertag/profile from the sign in menu but it doesn't work which is the topic of this forum.

    I hadn't tried clearing the console cache but have now tried this but this doesn't work either.

    the only thing on storage is the update which downloaded when the xbox was first used now over a week ago.

    I cannot move the gamer profile to a USB as there is no profile on the xbox. If I can download from the PC to a USB can you please advise how as I cannot find anything on this.

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    Alright, thank you. There is not a way to download content for Xbox LIVE on your PC at this time. Just to be clear, when you said you had tried "emptying profiles from storage" did you mean deleting what was on the hard drive?

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I too am having this problem. But only getting the 80151103 error message. I have transferred my profile via USB and it now sits on my new xboxs hdd. I still can not download my Xbox live profile and sign in. The whole reason why I got this console was so I can play on Xbox live. I am tempted to just return it. I am very frustrated. Somebody help

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    I just got same message. I have hade same gamertag for over a year, DoG WR4TH, On, i clicked My Account , then xbox 360 profile protection, then cleared all consoles that could log in without a password. Now when I turn my xbox on, I had to recover my gamer tag. the message says," Sorry, Xbox Live profiles can't be downloaded at this time Try again later. 80151103"

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    Miss Portia- that's right, I was asked to delete profiles from the hard drive to ensure there were no corrupt profiles on there. As I had not been able to download a profile to the console there were none to delete.

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    Hey guys, if you've tried all of the steps in this thread and you still aren't getting a resolution, please try the following steps exactly:

    1. Visit the Live ID password reset page, and select the second option (I know info, can’t sign in)
    2. Click “reset your password”
    3. Fill in the form (wild and captcha)
    4. Check “Customer Support”, click “customer support” link
    5. Fill in contact email
    6. Fill out form with relevant info

    This should create a ticket with the Windows Live ID team, who should be able to help. I want to reiterate that these measures should be taken ONLY if you've tried all of the steps listed in this thread without success. 


    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    I am having the same problem, this is rediculous, the only console that you PAY for live, it should be near flawless. I shouldve just bought a ps3, i was on live 2 days ago!! got to college plugged my hard drive into my roomates xbox and now we cant play live, we could a month previous. This is an absolute joke.

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    Hey Intense, I'm very sorry you're upset, and I know how frustrating it can be when things don't work the way you expect them to. That being said, if you create your own thread with a full description of the issue you're experiencing, we should be able to help. :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement