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Xbox 360 Not Recognizing my wired Connection

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Here is my problem, at the moment my xbox 360 is not recognizing my wired ethernet connection. I can connect via wireless without a hitch. I have the xbox 360 slim halo reach edition. 

I have tried switching ethernet cables and even plugging different devices into the same cable, they all work besides the 360. 

On my router, there is no light indicating that that plug/port is on. But when I switch devices, magically the light comes on. I know my router is recognizing my xbox because the IP/MAC address show up under the DHCP Client List. 

The xbox just says "make sure there is an ethernet cable plugged in" whenever I try selecting the wired option. 

My router is D- Link DIR 615. Any help would be much appreciated on this matter. 

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    Hey there Ego - unfortunately if you are getting this message after trying different cables and devices, then that means your console would need a repair to fix the ethernet port. Have you experienced a power surge recently? They can sometimes cause this issue. Regardless, you can set up a repair via our Online Service Center, here:

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program