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I am having trouble re downloading my XBOX LIVE account to my hard drive, but when I put my hotmail name and password in,it comes up that it is downloading but about 5 to 10 seconds later it comes up with "Sorry, Xbox LIVE profiles cant be downloaded right now. Try again later 8007045D". so I left it for 2 days and I came to try it again but it happened again. Has anyone had this problem and found out what was the matter, Thanks.  

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    It sounds like there are a couple of different issues here, and it may be best to create your own thread so we can start with a clean slate. Cheers!

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    I have the problem but not the answer... Its a good job xbox live is , wait, why am I paying for this s**t?

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    Hey guys, sorry to hear about this issue! Josh, have you checked settings > system > storage > your device > gamer profiles to see if there is a corrupted or incomplete profile that you can delete there? If so, try deleting that, and give downloading another go. :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Hey guys, Right then, after a long and frustrating evening I have a 6 step fix! you just need a usb stick and some patience.

    step 1. go into your hard drive and manually check to make sure all the save files have an owner; anything that says unknown profile, delete.

    step 2. transfer all your data to the usb stick; some things wont move because you need to sign in to a profile, you can recover the tag to the usb and log in then move it. please note; its not worth worrying about DLC content...anything you have purchased/had a free code for, will be retrievable from the 'download history' menu in your gamertag profile when you recover it.

    step 3. import your gamertag to the usb stick (it will work even though you cant download it to the hdd), look in your profile menu and use the 'transfer licences' function. you can only do this a couple times per year but hey, its not like xbox's die every day! ;-p

    step 4. clear cache then format your hdd... please make sure you've transferred everything important to the usb stick and then taken the stick OUT!!

    step 5. BEFORE you transfer anything back; recover the problem gamertag (any other tags will be imported from the usb when you do the save files and other content) as before, you may have to sign in to any relevant profiles in order to move some stuff.

    step 6. ENJOY having everything back in its place... hello skyrim, I've missed you!

    Good luck! I know its a pain in the proverbial but I did this by trial and error last night and have lost nothing except one fifa12 career save file because I wasnt paying attention when i transferred everything back to the hdd in step 5 (it wasn't from my profile and i didnt sign in and move it). hope it goes well :-)

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    I'm having the same problem. I read what turxofwar said but all of my game saves that i had on my profile say Unknown Profile. Am I really going to have to delete all my game saves. I put alot of time into those and i sure as hell don't feel like doing it over because of this fukn update.

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    If it even is the update. you guys said this back in Jan. The update was yesterday. Hopefully theres another way to fix it though because I dont even have a flash drive. I'd rather not have to buy one and I really don't wont to lose all of my game saves. I've had xbox live for about 4 years so I have alot of games saves.....

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    Hey there Tesus! I understand that you are having some issues downloading your profile. I certainly understand your aversion to deleting your game saves, so I won't ask you to do that right away. The steps that I would suggest do recommend downloading directly to a USB device though, with the hard drive disconnected. Is there any way you can borrow one for this purpose, or perhaps try downloading on a friend's console who has a USB device. Please let me know, thanks!

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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    can i have some help with this issue please because i can still see my friends sign in yet i cant see my gamer profile in my storage? and am not sure how you transfer files

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    Hey Pro, I'm sorry, but you'll need to create your own thread for official support, please. :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    okay so called the xbox hotline, and as usual they took a full 2 hours, and i had to call back( thx xbl..). they told me to go to my storage and press y to transfer content, but my xbox doesn trecognize my USB yes i have tried 6 USB's and googled it. absolutely nothing i try is working, i called back and all they said was "buy a new HDD" is this true or can you help me out??

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    Hey there Divine - unfortunately this error code indicates an issue with your storage device, as you've discovered. Have you tried your USB drives in another console? We'd be interested to see if the profile can be downloaded without the hard drive installed, which would require a USB Flash Drive that is configured as an Xbox 360 Storage Device.

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    Try going to also to see if account is blocked

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    lorsque vous n'arrivez pas a telecharger ou creer un profil sur la console et que vous  recevez ce code d'erreur 8007045d.

    ce probleme peut etre due a votre disque dur. je vous propose la solution suivante .

    1. dettachez le disque dur de votre console

    2. mettez une cle USB et rendez vous dans parametre/system/stocage/selectionez la cle USB et configurez la.

    3.retournez sur accueil xbox et essayer de telecharger votre profile .

    j'ai essayer moi plusieurs fois et ca a marcher avec succes.


    When you can't a upload or create a profile on the console and you receive this code error 8007045d.

    This problem may be due a your hard disk. I propose the following solution.

    1 dettachez the hard disk of your console

    2 put a USB key and make you in parameter/system/stocage/select the USB key and configure the.

    3.retournez on home xbox and try to download your profile.

    I have try me several times and ca was walk with success.


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    I just went in and deleted my profile and re-downloaded it. Kept the games on there but just deleted the profile> the profile had become corrupted and I had had the same 8007045D code.

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    i have this problem as well but my problem is that it won't show anything in the memory so i can't use any of the profiles/saved games i have. Also it won't allow any importation of information into it i think my memory unit has died but i'm not quite sure. And if so can i save it? HELP PLEASE!

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    Just to give an additional way at trying to fix this issue:

    If this happens:

    1. Check HDD for corrupted profile, and corrupted files (in all folders) Only delete corrupted files, not the savegames.

    2. Clear Cache

    3. Turn off Xbox, insert USB-Device (FAT 32 formatted), take HDD off, turn Xbox on again.

    4. Configure USB-Device and download profile to USB-Device.

    5. Turn off Xbox again, re-attach HDD, turn Xbox on again.

    6. Move Gamertag from USB-Device to HDD.

    7. Restart Xbox.

    If this worked, the savegames should be linked to the gamertag again, and you should be able to use it again. In any case, before formating the HDD you should try and contact Customer support first. It's better to at least try and save those savegames before shooting the big guns (format hdd) at small issues.