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LAG in games on xbox live!

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hey guys, listen i have a broadband connection, about 21 mega byte

it's really fast when i download a demo or an App online on my xbox360, but when i play online the lag goes RED!!

really slow!!

what's the problem ?

p.s : i have a wired connection ( 20 meters tall ) << is that a problem ?

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    Hey there Unbeatable! Before we get started helping with your network connection and lag, it would help if you could visit and post back here with the result image. Thanks!

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    Ping 201

    Down.S = 2.12 m

    Up.S = 1.53

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    Hey Unbeatable, that ping looks pretty high, which would explain the lag issues. Would it be possible to use a shorter cable to connect at all?

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    the lag is on the xbox, but on the pc the internet is pretty fast and i play online games on my pc and it's really fast and awesome, and it's a mobile connection 3G+ pluged in the PC, and the cable is connected to the xbox is as i said long!

    but how can i decrease the ping ??

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    You may be able to decrease the ping by simplifying your connection. How is your network configured currently? Can you answer the questions in this post to give us an idea? Also, you may want to call your ISP for info on how they might help you reduce your ping as well. :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    xbox live is working but not 100% 'cause of the STRICT NAT ( does the " strict NAT " has any thing with the lag problem ??  )

    What Country/State/Province do you live in? ( Amman - Jordan )

    Modem brand & model number:   ( 3G+ HUAWEI mobile broadband E367 HSPA+ USB ROTATOR )

    Router brand & model number: ( no router )

    If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter? black adapter USB in the PC, and wired connection to the xbox.

    Things you have tried:

    Is UPnP Enabled? Yes/no/Unknown ( i don't know wt UPnP is )

    Do you have a NAT error? If so, what is your NAT? YES I DO , STRICT NAT

    Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)?  ZAIN ( )

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    Hey Unbeatable, thanks for answering those questions! Okay, for the strict NAT--which can definitely impact gameplay performance, please take a few minutes to work through the steps listed here. That should clear up the NAT issue. If you have questions about any of the steps, just let us know! :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    there is a difference between that picture and my connection ( the yellow warning is between the internet and network NOT between xbox live and internet ! ).

    and about that link i'll try Solution four and i'll reply back after i try it, 'cause i don't have a router ( i have 3G mobile connection ) i'll see, thanks alot for your help!

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    it didnt work :"(, i think i should call my ISP, but what am gonna ask for ?? to give me a static IP ? what exactly am gonna ask from them ?

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    Hey again Unbeatable! You mention only trying step 4 in that guide. Is there any reason you did not try the other 3? I would highly recommend trying them to see if that resolves your issue. Regarding your lag though, I would also suggest trying to use your console while connected directly to the modem with an ethernet cable to see if that improves your quality of play. Let us know how this goes, thanks!

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    i've seen them but 'cause they talk about routers and there are steps needs a router and i don't have a router, all what i have is a 3G+ mobile broadband modem, so i took straight 4.

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    Ah, alright. Unfortunately with many 3G connections, an open NAT is not always possible. We would suggest contacting your ISP if you are unable to open you NAT by following the instructions in the guide we provided. We wish we could be of more help!

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    thanks for help

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    The problem with the NAT being either Strict or Moderate is not the cause of your lag.  The NAT only effects your ability to join games and communicate with users online, it doesn't have anything to do with latency. Even if you could make it 'open', it won't effect your connection speed.  It's a misconception that NAT settings cause lag, they don't.

    In most cases 3G type connections just aren't good enough for online gaming.

    What games do you play online on your PC?  If they are very simple types of games, they most likely will not suffer latency issues.

    Got a question? Just ask. 
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    well i used to play games but such as counter strike and sudden attack the ping in the game wasnt 5 out of 5, but was 4 out of 5, and it was fine and still fine on the PC, but on xbox live i have all the problems in that topic actually which are :

       Slow game play

       Poor performance or "lag" between actions

       Video streaming pauses

       Frequent disconnections