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XBOX Suddenly can't obtain IP address, disconnects from Live

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This is the first problem like this I've encountered with my console. In my room I have my modem, and I plug it into either my laptop or Xbox depending on what I'm using at the moment. I had a router set-up, but it failed and died, and I've not bothered with a new one yet.

Last night I was watching Netflix on my console when the screen suddenly froze. I restarted my system and tried to connect, but I'm receiving a "Cannot obtain IP address from your router or modem error." My XBOX has always connected with a wired connection, and has always been set to automatically configure its IP.

When I plug the ethernet cable from the modem back into my laptop, the network works fine, of course. I've tried to read the guides detailing how to find a static IP and set that manually, but they're pretty much all PC-intensive, and my computer I connect to the internet with is a Mac.

Anyone have any ideas why my console suddenly cannot connect, or how to remedy this? Could the console itself be faulty?

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    First thing I would try is resetting the modem, while the console is off.  Unplug the modem for about 30 seconds then plug it back in.

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