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Using the 4G LTE Verizon Jetpack Mobile Hotspot with the Xbox 360?

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Well, i have a question. I have the suckiest internet connection in the world. I have the worst time playing on Xbox live (if at all). I'm considering buying the Verizon jetpack, but I don't know if it's a worthy purchase. I know 3G & 4G work good in my area, and I've figured out how to save my data usage while playing. Has anyone here used it, or knows anything about it to know if gaming will work with th Jetpack, and if so, HOW well? Thanks

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    Hey Cheap, we'll leave this thread open for folks who may have tried using that device before, but I would just like to comment and say that hot spots aren't officially supported, and as a result, they may lead to issues trying to use the service. What's the issue with your current connection? Is it too slow?

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    whats up cheapcamperj, i have verizon and i was using my rooted droid incredibles 3G hotspot feature for about 6 months and it worked pretty good, on average i was using about 30gigs a month. that includes streaming netflix to my 360, online gameplay (bfbc2 and now BF3 FTW!!) and internet browsing on my macbook. i upgraded to a thunderbolt and started to use verizons LTE network and that was blisteringly fast. unfortunately they shut off my 4G after 1 month because i used 60gigs hahaha (and i even tried to conserve data after i realized i was using 2-3gbs a night) i figured that if i wasn't going to get to use the 4G  there was no point in having a thunderbolt so i got an iPhone 4. i have been using my jailbroken iPhone since February 2012, but i will need to get a new phone since i went in the ocean with it a few days ago while on vacation in hawaii :( I've had my eye on an htc rezound, it has 4G LTE but i figured that if i download a 4G shut off widget, stream netflix and web browsing with 3g and use online gaming with 4G (since it uses significantly less data then the other 2) i can keep verizon from shutting it off again (even if they do the verizon ppl at the store said if i call and complain they will turn it back on since i am grandfathered in with an unlimited plan). anyway the 3g works really well with xbox live and the 4g is flawless. btw you will need an unlimited plan or this will be extremely expensive. good luck.

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    i would also like to add that i DO NOT pay for wifi. my phone hotspot is my only internet and has been for about 2 years.

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    I just got the Verizon jetpack 890L and Original Xbox360 sees the SSID name but will not connect any further, can I get some help on setting it up?

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    Greetings Dogg5!

    Can you please create a new thread, detailing out your issue including any troubleshooting steps you have tried so far. This will allow us to give you the very best support possible. Thank you!

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    I want to cut my cable bill forever. And it seems that it is a growing trend to save money as well. So far PooPooface31 is the only gamer that knows something about using a mobile wifi hotspot for accesing the internet for the xbox. Is there anyone with any recent experience or advice in getting rid of cable but still obtaining internet access for the xbox360?

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    Why won't my xbox 360 conect to xbox live whit my mobile Hotspot it's the old xbox 360 can you pleas help me

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    Hey there FamilyAura18559!

    Please go ahead and create a new thread if you haven't already.  Be sure to include the details of the issue as well as any troubleshooting steps that you have tried.  Thanks in advance!

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