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cannot sign you in at this time.. try later with code 80070571

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for about 6 weeks my son hasnt been able to get into his account... we keep getting the message cannot sign you in at this time please try later, and has code 80070571 

i would really really appreciate any help on this matter, as i spoke to one of the x box team and they couldnt resolve it and told me to come on here... x




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  • Hey there Zinq! I'm sorry to hear your son hasn't been able to enjoy LIVE lately. Is he the only profile getting this error, or does any profile that tries to sign in on your console have the same issue? One thing he could try doing is moving his profile from the console to a USB device, remove it from the console, and then try downloading his profile again ( Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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    I'm getting the same exact thing! It won't let me re-download my profile to my Xbox! I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello Maiden! We would love to help you, but we do need to ask that you create your own thread detailing your issue. Don't forget to review our Start Here sticky and provide the information it requests. ( Thanks!

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program