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can't connect to xbox live

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Hello there,


Yesterday my XBOX was working like it should be. Today just can't connect to xbox live (europe). I've been trying for hours now, but... nothing. My connection to the internet does work,but just can't connect to XBOX live.  Checked all my setting > everything ok (nothing changed). Tried resetting my router > no result. All my other stuf in the house connected to the internet (also wireless)  works just fine.

My Error Status Report:


W: 0000 - 0021

X: 0001 - 8005

Y: 30A8 - 4800

Z: 0000 - 0000

ID 006 - 0000

L: 8015 - 190E

Q: 8007 - 0435

T: Wireless








Does anyone have an idea?

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    Hello REM! Sorry to hear of the issue! What is the brand and model of your modem and router? Have you tried a wired connection? Thanks!

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    My modem/router is a Huawei HG655d. A wired connection isn't possible, because the xbox is on another floor than my modem/router. I tried resetting the xbox to factory settings, and set up my connection from scratch... still not working. I've had this problem before, but normally within a few hours the problem solved itself. Not this time.  

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    OK I set up my modem/router on the same floor as the xbox, and made a wired connection. It connects to the internet but still can't connect to xbox live.

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    Guess what, it's working again. After 26 hours it can connect to xbox live. Didn't change any settings on my router.. !!!????

    Strange !

    Anyway Miss Portia thanks for trying to help me out.

    GAME ON !!

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    Maybe it just needed a 26 hour nap? :P Glad to hear it's back up! Happy Gaming! :)

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program