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Wont let me buy gold membership

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I cancelled my gold subscription last month now I want to renew but every time I try to buy a 1 month gold membership a status error shows on screen. I also tried to buy on and it said I had found a glitch in the system. Please help. Thanks :)

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    you need to call to xbox again to activate to buy a gold membership, can you sing in in xbox live???

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    Other than the month that I want to pay for will it cost me any extra to activate my gold account again?

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    Hey JAM! We're happy to help if you let us know what error message you're seeing, both on the console and online? To answer your second question, no it won't cost you extra for LIVE membership beyond the price of the Gold membership but if you would not like to pay for more than one month you'll need to learn about the auto-renewal feature.

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    This is happend to me as well! i live in the U.K just wondering whats the number to ring and re-activate my membership?

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    Hey there, K elizabeth B. If you need to get in touch with phone support for your region you can request a call here: Hope this helps!

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    Please make sure to use Internet Explorer if on a PC, or Safari on a Mac, when accessing Xbox and Microsoft websites. They work much better and you get much fewer web page errors.

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    I just got 20 dollars put on my credit card when I try to renew my 1 minth gold I go to click confirm purchase it keeps bringing me back to the 1 3 12 month gold membership options please HELP ME

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    please do not bump an old thread in this case one that is over a year and a half old create your own thread instead of doing this thanks.

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