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I've had a problem recently where my profile can't sign-in to live but can still access as this thread demonstrates. I deliberately typed the wrong password when I attempted to sign in with my profile then typed in the correct password to confirm that my password wasn't changed. Nevertheless my gamertag is unable to sign-in to live so I demand to know if this is just Microsoft derping or if it's impossible for the same gamertag to be online from two separate Xbox 360 consoles; the latter might tip me off to someone using my gamertag online at the moment.

I endeavored to search for solutions to this problem but to no avail. Some musings on less "official" sites have told me that there has been a growing problem of accounts getting stolen but that was several months ago and I would think the last few updates XBL has had would have fixed the problem already. The troubleshooting FAQs direct to generic "make sure the password and profile is correct" ect. and, well, a rather patronizing solution as if someone hasn't tried looking there already when I saw it listed as an answer to other similar threads but I digress.

Anyway, what I was saying. Oh yeah. Password and gamertag are still correct but I can't sign-in to live. WHAT DO.

I won't forget our promise we made. I close my eyes to make sure. I will move forward, shaking off the surging darkness.

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    same thing is happenin to me u got any joy yet x

  • This link will explain what the error means and it will also suggest a couple solutions on how to fix it.

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    That Link doesnt work.  Send another please

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    Greetings, SneakingMessi. I believe Verachi meant to post this support article "Error : Email address or password is not valid (80151103, 8015D000, 8015d02e)". :)

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    helo how do i fix code 80151103

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    Go to this link and follow the directions.