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Migrating account Chile to Usa

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Hi, my wife and I just moved from Santiago to Salt Lake City. I really need to migrate my account to usa. I have a lot of stuff, achievements, dlcs, etc... it would be so sad having to create a new account, and lose all the money.

I hope somebody can give me a hand.

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  • You can give support a call to switch the tag over.  However, bear in mind that this can take up to 6 weeks to do.  During that time you will not have access to your account.  Also, you may lose region specific content (ie. season passes).

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    Hello Tophier,

    Please reach out to chat support or phone support by clicking this link here. They should be able to assist you with migrating the account.

    Please read the information below:

    You have chosen to migrate your Xbox LIVE account to a new country. You should be aware that certain Xbox LIVE content, features and functions may vary depending on your location, due to licensing limitations provided by specific providers. In order to proceed, you must confirm that you have been informed of and fully understand the consequences of the migration of your Xbox Live account:

    Microsoft reminds you that the migration of your Xbox Live account will have the following consequences:

    Some of the services and content that you are currently benefiting from in the country originally registered may not also be available in the country you are willing to migrate to.

    All of your current subscriptions, except for Xbox Live Gold if you had any, will be cancelled.
    You may lose the ability to re-download some, if not all, of the content in your download history.

    Any content that you will subsequently download after the account is migrated will be subject to any applicable geofencing rules of your new location.

    Note on Geofencing: If you bought something in the country you originally registered in that wasn't geofenced, it could be that it will be if bought again, in your new location. These geofencing constraints depend on the license to distribute that Microsoft was granted by the content providers.

    Please note that the migration process can take up to 6 weeks. During this time your account will not be available. No refunds will be given for any content that is lost during the migration.


    You can only switch regions to an already supported LIVE region. You can view this list here.

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    I'm interesting in Migrating my accounts, but I would like to know if I migrate account to Unites States, I can purchase the contenent in dollars, and have the old language settings? For example, i'M italian, and I would like to buy contenent in $ but play it in italian language.

    Thanks for reply

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    Migrating regions would only make sense if you actually live in the country your planning to migrate to. You would lose content purchased previously that is region locked in the United States. You would not be able to keep downloading content in in the same language after switching to the United States, your only selectable language is English. Italian is not an option for games/movies unless subtitles in games or game options allow for that language to be changed.

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    I live in Hong Kong but my XBOX Live account was set to United Kingdom. I called the service hotline before but they said it was not possible to change it. Could anyone help me?

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    I had the same problem 2 years ago. I had to change my mexican account to USA and I asked the support for this but they didn't change it. I had to create a new account an start from scratch. Now I want to close my old account to recover my old gamertag and the support can't close my old account neither.

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    I to have this problem and have content purchased both with MrHinsh & MrHinshUS accounts.

    I had to create another account 18 months ago as it was impossible at the time to migrate.

    • Has this Changed?
    • What facility is there for merging accounts?
    This is a masively important topic to thousands of users who have moved country over the last few years and you need to expand on it a little!
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    imGif, SrTommy1981, & MrHinsh: These are recent changes maybe a couple of months old from the recent form posts. Try to speak to Microsoft Official Chat instead of calling phone support. This isn't something that can be done on the support forums, it needs to be changed on the Microsoft side and there's a chance that you'll lose most of the content you've purchased on your regioned accounts. Please be sure you've read the disclaimer fully before making your choice to change regions. The process takes 6 weeks.

    SrTommy1981: I don't know what you mean by "cancel" your account. They can take your gold membership off if that's what you mean, but they cannot "delete" the account as the gamertag always stays.

    MrHinsh: It's pretty much been explained. I contacted chat support less than a week ago, they informed me that they were now able to migrate regions as long as the region was officially supported by Xbox LIVE. The information is already "expanded" in my previous post where the disclaimer is posted. Not much more to say about it. If you have more questions in regards to this use the link in my previous post or this current post and reach out to Microsoft Chat support. This does not mean that you can combine accounts from your normal and your US. 

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    I'm not saying that (maybe my english it's not the best). I have and old GFWL account with the gamertag "SrTommy". Now I have a new X-Box Live account with the gamertag "SrTommy1981". I would like to delete my old GFWL account so I can change my new gamertag to my old one.

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    It's not possible to delete gamertags. If you wanted to change the gamertag two times you would need to pay 1,600 Microsoft Points (800 Microsoft Points for each gamertag change). So first you'd change the gamertag of SrTommy to something else, and then you'd be able to change SrTommy1981 to SrTommy. It's not possible to do this without paying as gamertags cannot be deleted.

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    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this info we just got with you. Thanks! 

    At Microsoft, we understand our customers move from one country to another and we continue to evaluate region migration solutions to help Xbox LIVE members access content from their current country location. We have been piloting an account migration process, but it can take several weeks and some content is confined by location due to licensing restrictions and cannot be transferred. We strongly encourage members who do not have an immediate need for account migration to hold tight while we continue to work on an automated tool, or create a new account in the new country location.
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    How do you migrate your account region, now that it's allowed?

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    how can i migrate? o.o i live in the netherlands for a year and i had to create a new gamertag and that made me not getting much content to the xbox anymore. because i had alot of games and couldnt play them x.x even my ach which kinda sucks i called the costumer support a year ago and they said that was better if i created a new account. how do we apply now? even if takes 6 weeks its okay for me i guess

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    Hi, I would like to migrate my account , please contact me!!! i want to migrateeeeee

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    That's a great idea Hassassinade. I didn't think that. I will try it asap. Thanks a lot!!

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