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Can't accept new ToU/ Status Code 8015D080

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This all started the other day when the new ToU came out. I tried to sign in, and it let me. I pressed "View ToU" and it gave me Status Code 8015D080 (I can't even view the ToU on my console. It just gives me the error code and tells me to ry later.)  have heard this means I am using an "invalid" or deleted Microsoft account. My account is fine. I can sign in as normal.  I went to my computer and tried to accept them there. At first I got an error code, but now I am put through a sign in loop. It says I have to enter my parents' email and password (which I created myself when I was 16 but I converted it to an adult account when I turned 18) Every time I sign in with the parent email it just sends me back to the ToU screen. I am about 90% sure I am using the parent email and password that I used before I switched to an adult account. Why am I even experiencing this if I am not on a child's account? I have been playing xbox for almost 3 years now. I don't intend to lose all my things I've done. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I haven't gotten any yet. 



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    Hello Kristoff,

    If you've tried to reset the password for the parental account, then you will need to fill out the Microsoft account recovery form.

    If you don't have access to either of these options then please contact the Microsoft Account team.

    This is a Microsoft Account issue, and is not something that we can personally help you with on the Xbox Support forums.


    If is asking you to enter in parental account details it's likely that you never completely promoted your account from a child to an adult. If your sure you did, in that specific case you should contact Xbox Support via phone.


    The status code 8015D080 is either to do with some sort of invalid password, or something de-synced with the e-mail. You can try to fix that by changing the password, and if that doesn't work then by filling out the Microsoft Account recovery form to change the e-mail and see if this error fixes itself. If not, you might want to contact the Microsoft Account team and seek assistance from them.

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    • Suggested Answer is the best forum to use, BTW, for account related issues.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    It took me a week and a half to get Microsoft to fix this issue and multiple times contacting them via live chat and phone.  The status 8015D080 means "Parent Account associated with the gamertag has been deleted."

    Xbox Live won't let you go any further until you accept the new Terms of Use, but you cannot accept the new Terms of Use because it wants to make your Mom or Dad sign in using the "Parent Account" that has adult authority over your child account.

    If the Microsoft Live "parent account" has been deleted, it throws you into a locked up status with this error code.  Please note, I'm NOT talking about the Microsoft/Windows Live account that your gamertag is associated with.  I'm talking about the OTHER Microsoft account that was once associated with it, the one that gives your parent control over the account.  It's the "parent account."  A second "adult" Microsoft account that is also linked to your gamertag.

    The only way to fix this problem is this:

    1.  Create a new Microsoft account with no gamertag associated with it.  This new one will be used as your new parent account.  Create the new account at   Sign up using an e-mail address that you have not previously used for a Microsoft or Xbox Live account.

    Do NOT start a new account at because if you do, it will automatically give you a new gamertag.  You need a clean new Microsoft account with NO GAMERTAG associated with it.

    2.  Once you set up your Microsoft account at go to the e-mail that you used for the account, and you should have an e-mail from Microsoft with a link for you to "verify" the e-mail address.  Click the link and verify it.

    3.  Contact Microsoft support.  Give them the status code.  The Support person probably won't know what the code means so you will have to tell them you think you need a new parent account connected because the original parent account got deleted.

    I got lucky on my third or fourth time contacting them and got somebody who put me on hold for a few minutes and he did some digging and eventually came back and told me status code 8015D080 means "Parent Account associated with the gamertag has been deleted."

    So you need to tell them, "It means my parent account was deleted and that's why I can't get past these *#$*%*#$% New Terms of Use."  (Only leave out the cussing.)

    4.  They will ask you what account you want connected as your new parent account.  Give them the e-mail address for the new Microsoft account you just set up.

    5.  MAKE SURE the person knows you can access your account, and it's not an account recovery problem.  You're locked up because there is no PARENT account and you need a new parent account connected.

    6.  Wait.  The support person can't fix this for you; they have to submit a ticket to the "Specialists" to fix.  (Engineers or programmers.)

    (The reason for #5 is, when I finally had the problem figured out, somebody at Microsoft went to fix it on day 5 or 6 and instead of connecting the new parent account, they moved the gamertag over to the new account instead, and we still couldn't get past the new TOU!!  It was still locked up because we still did not have a parent account connected.)

    I hope this all makes sense.  If you follow these steps, you should be able to get the problem fixed, but it should take a few days.  Hopefully you can learn from my experience and it won't take a week & a half like it did for me.

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    Oh I forgot one very important thing.  In step #1 above, when you set up your new parent account, make sure to put in your parent's information.  Especially the date of birth.  This needs to be an adult Microsoft account, for obvious reasons.