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I was able to connect to xbox live yesterday morning just fine. When I got home that afternoon and tried to connect it started asking me to verify my windows live screen name and password. When I did that I get the error "Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to to resolve. Code: 831188FE" I tried all night last night and again this morning and kept getting the same error. I deleted my profile and downloaded it again. I went to connected devices under system setting and turned off play to. Nothing worked. I went to the website it suggested and all that's there is my profile information. There is nothing on that page indicating there's a problem. none of my contacts needed to be verified, that's already done. I went to to get more information on why I was being asked to verify my live id. That's where I got the info to check to see if ay of my proofs needed to be verified. Just now I tried to sign on again to get the error on the screen to confirm the error code I remember is correct and all of a sudden it's working. I'm still posting this comment in case others are out there experiencing the same problem I was having. As a note I must add that it seems, in my opinion at least, that Microsoft really dropped a ball somewhere on this one. I mean you tell me to go to windows live to fix my problem but windows live isn't even aware there is a problem. Since Microsoft owns both services shouldn't the site they link you too at least have a clue what's wrong? Just a thought.

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    I've been having this problem for days now how did you get it to go away it just did? I went and did all my proofs and everything is valid

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    There were technical issues in the system for a day or two. Mostly related to account management.

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    What ever happened with this?