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ideal upload/download speed?

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So what is the ideal upload and download speed for gaming, so that lagging and disconnects are at a minimal level and the registrations of hits is the quickest, on xbox live?  

As i understand it Upload speed has to with the ability to host games etc, what else does Upload speed control in the game. How much does the Download speed affect the game and in what areas.

I have long been suffering from 1-2mps upload speed from my ISP and it is very apparent in my MP gameplay and so i need to know what is the ideal upload/download speed for gaming ......................  

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    I'm on a 2MB download and 1MB upload and it works fine.


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    I would suggest at least 1 and 1 for optimal performance. I have 4 systems and they can all connect at the same time without any lag, but I have a 30/10 line in my house. You also will want to take into consideration any PCs you have running while they are on also if your console is wireless this will effect the speeds too.

    One other thing you can try is rebooting your modem/router this will sometimes fix lag issues.

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    If you have upload speed in the 1-2 Mbps (megabits per second) range, you've got a GREAT upload speed.

    Download (or downstream) speed is how fast data gets TO you.

    Upload (or upstream) speed is how fast data gets AWAY from you (how fast you send data out).

    Most folks have between 0.5 and 2.0 Mbps upload, and have anywhere from 2 to 50 Mbps download. As long as you have at least 5/1 (5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up) you'll be fine.

    That's not the whole picture, though. If someone else you're playing with has slower internet, they can't send the data as quick - so it doesn't matter how fast YOU are, the game is limited by the slowest person.

    Example: Let's say you drive a Ferrari (=very fast internet). If your friend is coming over to visit, and he only has a bicycle (=slow internet), your Ferrari isn't going to make him get to your house any faster.

    The other thing to watch is called Latency. It's the delay between when data is sent and when it is received. Most folks have a "round trip time" (time for a request to get from you, to the other end, and back) in the 50-70 ms (milliseconds; 1/1000th second) range. If you live far away from the data center of your ISP, it can go up to 90 ms or more. 100 ms is 1/10th of a second, so that's a noticeable delay. If you have fast internet and live close to the data center, it can be as low as 30 ms or less.

    So really, there's not too much you can do - as it depends on the speed of the internet of ALL the people playing. Sometimes you'll be the fast one, sometimes you'll be the slow one. :(

    Getting a faster connection CAN help latency, and can give you an advantage - but for the cost, it's normally not worth it. Doubling your internet connection speed may cost $30-$50 more per month, and may help your win/loss ratio by about 10% - so if you were winning 0.5% of the time, you'd go up to winning 0.55% of the time.

    I hope that helps clear things up! My connection is 17/0.75, and my ping (the measurement of latency) is in the 60 ms range. I've never had an issue with my connection being the reason I lose. If you've got more upload and similar ping, I'd say you're in really good shape.

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    Anything higher than 2down/1up is perfectly sufficient for for all forms Xbox gaming.

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    hi, i have a 100 down and 5 up internet service

    my xbox on a speed test using explorer    have 5 down and 3 up  is that normal

    or is there a setting on the console that i can check

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    This is exactly what is happening to me. 30 mb download and 5 MB up. But with ie on Xbox says 6 Mb down and 5mb upload.  How do I fix this as well?  Thank u

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    You can not perform an accurate speedtest for your Internet connection, (bandwidth) using Internet Explorer app on your console. I would refer to speedtest and pingtest using a computer to test your connectivity.

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    My computer and iPhone run the speeds it should. Xbox doesn't run right

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    Its an app, on a console. Its architecture and algorithm is not design to process that amount of data at once.

    Do you have a real issue? 

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    right from, Microsofts speed requirements for certified xbox live experience...

    Download: 3Mb/s

    Upload: 5Mb/s

    Ping: Less than 150 Milliseconds.

    Now the average person will probably not have 5Mb/s upload.

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    My download is 384mbps and upload is 570mbps