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1 month xbox live gold trial code

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i bought a brend new xbox and when i try enter the xbox live gold trial, i got error message ``invalid code``.

i cant download neather ,the game dance central 2!

after scratching the code and enter code ,i got the same message "invalid code"

this is frustrating

help please.

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    While you signed in on, click on my account in top right and then on redeem code under payment and billing. Try entering it there, no dashed, just letters and numbers. Then turn your xbox back on and when you press guide button on controller (silver one in the middle), go to Setting- Account management and download history, you should be able to select Dance central from there and redownload.  Good Luck!

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    I tried that but no luck.

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    There is currently a service message stating that Xbox Live is down. This might be effecting your codes as well. This is the announcement page: Hopefully it gets resolved soon. If you feel that your error has nothing to do with the current status of Xbox Live, please contact their support on that same page. Let us know!

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    Hello AbysseZero04,

    Are you still getting the "invalid" error message when you are trying to redeem those two codes? First thing is to make sure that you are entering the codes correctly.  Double check each character to be sure that you are not confusing it for another, like an 8 instead of a B, or an O instead of a Q.

    Let us know.


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    i did well, this code is already in my mind.

    like the user Zithe89 said the xbox server is down,and i hope the error come from there...

    i will wait... :(

    thanks for your answer

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    Hi AbysseZero04, generally any LIVE outage would not be causing the kinds of messages you are seeing. Are you still getting that "Invalid" message?  If so, let's have someone else entirely try reading the code for you, they may see something you didn't.  Also, what region are you in currently?

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    Hi AbysseZero04

    I am getting another error close to what you are saying maybe its even the same for me it says "This code cannot be used for this offer. Please enter a valid code" Let me know if this is what it says for you and if you know what i can do about it.

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    yes it is exactly the same.

    and i m sorry disappoint  you, but i didn't found solution for this.

    i`m already demanded help to the support team but no answers at the moment.

    if you get something please let me know. thanks.

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    OK, as that game is a little old, it may be that the code has expired.  It's also possible that there is a region discrepancy between your account and the code. Where did you get the game from?

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    Hi Miss Ermine,

    i bought the xbox on luxembourg and i live in luxembourg.

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    does it still work

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    Hi Isaac!  Please make a fresh thread detailing what is not working for you.

    @Abyss, are both the codes not working for you now?  Also, what exactly is the code in Dance Central for?  How many digits long is it?  We'll still look into this for you!

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    i would make a new account