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Xbox Live data usage

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I am a student at a university and this school allows us to get a wired connection in our rooms but has a wireless connection available all over campus. This university limits the wired connection data usage to 500MB per day and/or 1GB per 72 hours. My question is how much data does Xbox Live use to play online games like Halo 4, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, and Borderlands 2? I'm not interested in downloading updates or DLC over the wired connection because I can just plug my 360 into my computer that has access to the wireless. (which does not have data limits) I know what people are going to say. "why don't you just run your 360 through your computer at all times?" Well for one thing the wireless here is unpredictable and the connection speed will drop randomly and or it will just drop out completely for a few moments which isn't very nice for gaming. So all I would like to know is about how much data usage I can expect out of my 360 with just multiplayer gaming and no update or DLC downloads. Oh and one last bit of information. I usually don't play for more than a few hours a day but there are sometimes where I go on all day gaming sprees.

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    Hi there!  To be honest, it can be pretty wildly variant depending on what you're playing and what modes.  We don't really have official numbers, though if I had to guess I'd say you'd get some but not a ton of gaming in on those limits.  I would say to test, maybe run it through a bridged connection with your PC while tracking the data usage.

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    FPS games would vary between 5-40MB per hour with an average of 20 so the 500MB per day would be fine