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Connecting using router: Error IP, MAC, DHCP, Forwarding... all tried

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Im from poland, i tried all the ways.


Things you have tried: 

on Automatic configure:

DHCP enabled

bought new cable

tried all router hubs

on Manual:

in DHCP reservation of xbox MAC and new unical IP

W: 0000 - 000B
X: 8001 - 1005
Y: 0000 - 0000
Z: 0000 - 0000
L: 0015 - 10F1
Q: 8007 - 0435
T: Połączenie przewodowe (Cable Connection)




S: No value
No value

Please help. every time it's error from Xbox360 to Network BUT, after updating from USB to newest dash, it was just 5-7 times: Error ended from Network to Internet. The Xbox360 to Network was fully green.


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    When you say that you had to try 20 times before your Xbox could establish a connection to Xbox LIVE, did you do this without making any configuration to your friends router?

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    nothing done in his router. automatic settings, 1 time connected for 1 hour.

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    OK- so you could not connect on your friend's network?  Please try removing all accessories including Kinect sensor, USB devices, and the console's hard drive if you have one and try connecting that way.  Any better?

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    I agree it sounds like a Turtle beach error if you cant connect at your friends house either that or broken xbox.

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    agent from xbox center said, that xbox cant be broken becouse it cant broke in parts. if something is broken it will be all broken so internet card of my xbox can't be broken [it was connected for 3 minutes one week ago and send to xbox info about my points, last games played]

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    Ok! Still a bit confused by this:

    oczy pl
     it worked, but i tried 20 times...
    Just to clearify this sentence. Did you try to connect to Xbox LIVE at your friends house and after 20 attempts (times) you could finally connect? Or did you connect to Xbox LIVE right away without any issues?

    Just so we know where on the connection test your console fails to connect to Xbox LIVE, could you therefor tell us if it still fails on the first attempt, namely the network part of your connection. Or does it fail on the Internet part of the test?

    You're a real champ that hangs on to us :)


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    I just tried one more time. now, i changed conf to manual, added IP in xbox, and reservated this ip (with xbox mac) in Dhcp client list, and !in card DMZ, added this IP and enabled. now it's connected with router (network). error is in connecting to Internet step.

    W: 0000-000B

    X: 0000-000D

    Y: 0000-0000

    Z: 8015 - 1904


    L: 0015 - 10F1

    Q: 8007 - 0435

    T: Cable Connection




    Error saing: DNS Error

    so i copied DNS servers from my ISP, and from quick error it became into long time trying.

    i tried cmd-> ipconfig /all

    in command DNS server is Tried to and dont work.

    Ideas? DNZ helped it's something!!!

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    You do not need to type in the IP address you have reserved from DHCP reservation list. Make sure your Xbox network settings are set to obtain IP address and DNS settings automatic. Also make sure your Xbox are getting the same IP address you have reserved for it.

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    when its auto it's giving me 169.xx.xx

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    Do you have both IP and DNS settings set to automatic?

    Is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) enabled on your router?

    Do you have the option to post up a screenshot of your DHCP reservation setup?

    I assume you're having DHCP server enabled on your router. 

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    DHCP folder

    yes it's all enabled

    Ip and DNS setted to auto, but like i said it's giving me a 169.xx ip, with manual setthings it's connecting to network, but the dns giving error. Internet provider said change DNS value's to and dont worked. But he said about DMZ, that's why im 1 step to success

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    The auto-IP points to a problem where no DHCPOFFER message are being sent to the Xbox. This communication should be passed through without having to assign your Xbox static IP.  Have you tried to restore your gateway to factory settings? Unplug all devices from your gateway. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

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    after resetting, i enabled all options, reserved ip and mac, resetted to default in xbox, launch. don't work. giving 169.xx...

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    Sorry for asking but did you try with a different Ethernet cable? If the one you use is faulty. Try not to configure Primary and Second DNS settings on your router. Instead, type in these values ( under DNS settings on your Xbox.

    Try go with your previous settings, which allow you to connect without being assigned an auto-IP address.