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Your console can't connect to Xbox LIVE

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Ok, so I can Connect... and i am connected but When im trying to sign in a Guest account to play a game it keeps saying

"Your console can't connect to Xbox LIVE. Do you want to exit this session and test your network connection? if you are playing a agame, you will lose any unsaved Progress."

i click No, and Sign back into my account and i Connect just fine.... But it only happens when ever somone else trys to connect as my guest.... I've even used other accounts who currently have Gold member ship and it still disconnects me saying i cant connect.... Any thing you guys can tell me will be helpful! thanks alot!

(this has been happing for quite some time... cant play with friends locally... sadface)

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    goto My Xbox > Join Xbox LIVE ..worked with me .

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    I'm having the same problem. I am on the beta dashboard right now. Idk if that has anything to do with it but I'll just clear the dashboards off my starve device, format, and re-update. I'll post back if it fixed the problem :D

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    Hey Wwolf655! I'd love to help you out with this, to get a better idea of your set up can you review our start here sticky ( and post back with the details requested in bold? Standing by for those details. :)