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Error code: 3524 - 0000 - 3080 - 0100 - 8007 - 0461

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Ok, now I'm getting really annoyed.

For the past week I've been having the same problem with the recent update. The update would not download and gave me an error code. I tried installing from a usb and it still didn't work.

Tonight, I turned off my internet's firewall completely, and it downloaded fine. Only then to give me another error code when applying the update. The error code being as above: 3524 - 0000 - 3080 - 0100 - 8007 - 0461.

The fact that so many people are having issues with this shows that its not some random error that one person caused from their own mistake, it clearly shows there is something wrong with this update. I want answers, real answers. Not the scripted answers with no thought put behind them.

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    Actually, I re-tested things and appeared to have solved my problem.

    For anyone else that might be reading this:

    Turn off your firewall and download the update. It will download but fail to apply the update and give the error message above.

    Accept the error message and then turn off your console. Turn it back on and it should be fine. At least it was for me.

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    Hi! I can definitely understand your frustration, but this error message does mean that there is a networking issue. Other people are resolving these issues and installing the update, and I'd like to help you install it on yours! You mentioned turning off the firewall, that's a good start. How is your console connected to the internet? Through wired, wireless, or ICS? If ICS or wireless, is it possible to use a direct modem connection for the purpose of installing the update?

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program