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HELP linksys WRT160N V3 NAT restricted

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I am trying to change my NAT status to open, and nothing I do helps.  I have tried every troubleshooting technique Xbox and Linksys offer, and it still doesn't work.  I have also check to make sure my linksys/firmware are compatible, and they are, but I still get the NAT warning.  Can anyone help me.  I am trying to use two xbox's to play online games.  When I only have one xbox on, everything works fine.

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    Getting two Xboxes with an Open NAT is a problem on that router in my experience. Even when using the Xbox live certified firmware it still doesn't work.

    The best set up is this:-

    Latest Linksys Firmware


    Xbox ip addresses=auto

    No DMZ

    No Port Forwarding

    No Port Triggering

    If you set it up like that and it doesn't give your Xboxes and Open NAT I'm afraid it won't work. Not all is lost though I've seen it many times and even though the Linksys stock firmware doesn't work 3rd party firmware does so if you fancy going down that route instead of buying another router you can:-