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Xbox live network adapter configuration help

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Hello, yesterday my little brother tried logging into his Xbox live account with the Xbox in our living room. He got a message saying that the wireless adapter needed to be configured. He didn't bother telling me until about an hour ago when I was trying to log in. The problem is that when I went to configure, it asked me to enter the password for our router. However it is asking for a WEP Key and our router is set up for WPA-2 key. I have tried the adapter on another Xbox and connected to the internet using the WPA-2 key. So I now I am stuck and have no idea how to get the Xbox to recognize the WPA-2 key. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Greetings Lymiss!

    Could you start by restore your Xbox network settings to factory defaults.

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select System Settings.
    2. Select Network Settings.
    3. Select Wired Network if you are prompted to do so.
    4. Select the Additional Settings tab.
    5. Select Restore to Factory defaults.

    Restart the Xbox and go to network settings. Let the Xbox automatically search for your wireless network name (SSID). Enter the password/passphrase for your wireless network. 

    Post back and let us know how it goes.