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Xbox Live $2 For 2 Months Offer won't connect!

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Well, I just noticed that Xbox Live has a promotion going that involves getting 2 months of Gold Membership for $2.

I currently don't have an account. My internet connection is working fine and I can connect to everything that is involved with my silver membership. Such as downloading trailers etc etc. However when I try to connect to this promotion via the dash it says:

X xbox live marketplace

Can't retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please Try again later.

Status code: 80190126



I can't find this status code anywhere. Help?

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  • It's been happening a lot lately. It seems to be some sort of issue with trying to use Paypal. One suggestion is to remove your paypal from your account and then re-add it. I'm not sure if that'll work or not though. Or remove paypal and use another payment method.

  • i just figured it out, you just have to remove your payment option from xboxlive account on comp. then go on dashboard and select 2/$2 then reenter your payment option :) let me know if that wrked for you..

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    Mind still hasnt starting working...

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    same issues here

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    Hey there Chomagus! This is a really old thread, could you please create your own new thread and detail your issue for us? Thanks!

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    Same problem with me too :s

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    Greetings, Wes! If you need assistance with a question, please create a new thread and we'll be more than happy to help you there. Be sure to detail out your exact situation including any error messages you are seeing and the troubleshooting steps you have tried so far. 

    Also, in the future please be mindful of the original post date of a thread before posting a reply. This will prevent the accidental bumping of threads that are months old. Thank you in advance! :) 

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    I had this problem in the past all you need to do is Delete you're system's Cache before you click on the $2 for 2 month offer ..

    First sign in to your free live account then go to ►System ►Storage►press "Y" on Hard Drive►Press "A" on Clear System Cache ►A pop up will say "This will perform Maintenance on your Xbox 360 Press "A"

    And there you go Works 100% no more error codes Hope this helps !

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